Nonagenarian commences landmark celebrations

One of the oldest and most respected companies in the refrigeration and related industries is marking the completion of its 90 years of establishment and operations throughout New Zealand.

Patton Limited is commencing today (July 1) its 90th anniversary celebrations with a series of meetings, gatherings and other events scheduled to be held throughout the country over the next four months.

The Company’s Global Chief Executive Sameer Handa is proud of Patton’s well-rooted origin in New Zealand, with growing presence in several parts of the world.

Small beginning

“Founded as a small company by George Patton in 1923 in Christchurch, the Company’s global business today is about $70 million, with a self-assigned target of $90 million over the next two years. Patton remains a fully-owned New Zealand company, keen to grow with the increasing potential in the world markets,” he said.

With a healthy share in the domestic market, the company is currently considering increased presence in overseas markets, either as a manufacturer or distributor of a wide range of high utility products, or both.

Global growth

“We are proud of our highly talented and motivated team of 165 staff employed in our offices and manufacturing facilities in New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and India. We have grown with our suppliers, distributors and associates in New Zealand, Australia, South Pacific, Europe and the Middle East,” Mr Handa said.

While Patton continues to hold a major share of the New Zealand market, the country’s limited size encouraged establishment of offices and factories abroad.

“The move began with Australia, where we made small acquisitions, followed by Thailand, where we have established a manufacturing facility as a joint venture and India, where we have offices, with plans for a factory,” Mr Handa said.

With sound strategies, policies and plans, Patton carefully considers its stakes in various markets and revisits them with a pragmatic approach.

“Despite the global financial crisis and slowdown in the New Zealand economy, Patton has not only been able to achieve its targets but also expand worldwide, utilising the existing and emerging potential.”

Rewarding Young Entrepreneurs

“Mr Handa said that Patton is proud of is sponsorship of the ‘Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ category of the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards, since the category was introduced in 2010.

“Young professionals of today are very ambitious, focused and are keen to succeed in their life and career. It is important to support and guide them wherever possible. Recognising them for their achievements is a way to celebrate their success stories. These Business Awards play a critical role in recognising these young achievers every year,” he said.

Details of the 90th anniversary celebrations of Patton Limited will appear in our ensuing editions.

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