Offender jumps into police custody

Luck ran out for a member of a youth group as he inadvertently landed into the hands of the Police from who he was running away in the first place.

The unusual incident began when the Police rushed to Countdown supermarket in the South Auckland suburb of Papakura at about 645 pm on November 27 following complaints that a group of youngsters was intimidating customers and washing windows of cars in the car park.

Seeing the officials, the group ran helter-skelter but a 14-year-old boy of the gang climbed over the fence of the complex in a bid to escape.

Unfortunately for him, the other side of the fence housed the Papakura Police Station. What happened next is anybody’s guess.

Area Commander Jim Searle said that attempts to evade the Police can be dangerous and more often than not, landing people into trouble.

“The group of young people has been referred to Youth Aid,” he said.

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