Our People: Young Achievers – Afrin Todywalla

Directing positive energy empowers youth

Last fortnight, 19-year-old Afrin Todywalla won the ‘Rebels Netball Club Dedication Award 2016,’ for inspiring and motivating many young women to pay Netball.

Encouraging others to direct their energies into positive physical and mental activities and mentoring those younger to her in age and experience is Afrin’s Mission in life.

She is now getting ready to commence her journey as a Chiropractor next year.

When she migrated with her family comprising dad Viraf, Mom Pearl and brother Arzan from their native India about 14 years ago, the mantle of responsibility over her two-year-old brother was placed on her. She was only five years old then.

She has natural instincts of a mother and caring for others comes naturally to the Todywalla family.

Going back to Rebels Netball Club to receive the honour must have been nostalgic for Afrin. A few years ago, she started playing Netball at the Club located at the Howick Pakuranga Netball Centre at Lloyd Elsemore Park.

Dancer, Choreographer

Afrin is also a good dancer, a talent that she inherited from her father who was running Bollywood dance classes for community children at his ‘V4U Dance Studio’ in his former Pakuranga home. She choreographed several dance numbers for participants at college events.

Afrin has won various other awards including that of ‘Best Dancer’ at the Zarathushtrian Association of New Zealand and the ‘Best Female Dancer’ Award (Under 12 Years Category) at the prestigious High School Dance Competition.

Afrin learning Karate at the Okinawa Martial Arts Academy run by Shanshai, Adil Sarkari for the Zarathushtrian community.

She won black belt in the year 2013.

“Afrin is a blessing. We could not have settled in New Zealand without the help and support of Afrin,” Pearl said, and Arzan continued, “She is an amazing sister, friend and teacher.

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