Passion takes our young ones to the stage

During the early years of Miss Indianz, its producer-director Dharmesh Parikh used to call us and ask, “Would our patrons prefer Friday or Saturday?”

In the same breath, he would add, “I am keen to ensure that those interested to do not miss ‘Miss Indianz.’ After all, the objective is to promote our home-grown talent.”

The three of them- Dharmesh, his company Rhythm House and his event ‘Miss Indianz’ have grown to become trend-setters in the ever-changing world of fashion and the evolving moods of the audience.

Yet, one fact has remained unchanged- Miss Indianz is a cultural festival which is more than just a beauty contest. It brings together young people with a passion. Such passion could vary from becoming an actor or a singer in the Indian film industry, a model promoting products and services, or a person with a high level of motivation and self-confidence. There are now hundreds of such young women who have stepped into their own world, hopefully remembering where and how they started.

There is still time to enter Miss Indianz 2016. Visit or call Dharmesh Parikh on 021-2727454; Email:

We continue our profile of the contestants, which has thus far appeared in our April 15 and May 1, 2016 issues.

Kavita Patel

We do not know if this girl from North Shore in Auckland has all the traits of Taurus, but she undoubtedly has artistic qualities; for, apart from her proclivities in Computer Science (which she is pursuing at University of Auckland), she is a passionate dancer.

The proof of her proficiency in dancing is an array of trophies that she had won in a number of competitions over the years.

Miss Indianz has raised her expectations.

“This spectacular event will allow me to gain new experience as well as meet new people. Apart from being a dancer, I am a swimmer, lover of Nature and a traveller. I am proud to be a Kiwi, but will always remain an Indian at heart,” she said.

Kavita wants to be a model for young women to participate in such events and gain self-confidence.

“I am sure that many of us are interested, but may find it intimidating. It is all in our minds, and we only have one life, therefore be sure to make yourself proud.”

Rajni Verma

Her job at Countdown as a Fresh Food Assistant may be unrelated to her scholastic career (she is a part-time student pursuing Business Management Level 5 & 6) or her ambition in life but Rajni Verma has what it takes to be a good human being. She constantly strives to discover her strengths and perfect them and realise her weaknesses to transform them into strengths.

“Participants in beauty pageants have a lot to do than just look beautiful. It is not walking up and down the ramp in skimpy outfits and broad smiles; it is about cracking the tough round of questions and answers with conviction,” she said.

Simranjeet Sandhu

Also known as Naina, this young woman is a graduate of National Tertiary Education Consortium (NTEC) and respects her mother as the greatest influence in life.

“She raised me as a single parent; she is my friend, philosopher and guide and a successful businesswoman,” she said.

Simranjeet considers herself as a fun-loving, positive, friendly, flexible, stylish and emotional. She conscientiously promotes the environment.

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