Patrons make the best of Anniversary bonanza

Thousands of shoppers made the best of the special prices at their favourite supermarket in recent weeks, taking home products of their choice and need – products that spoke of high quality.

They also greeted the owners, management and staff at the supermarket wishing them on the anniversary of their popular retail store.

It was certainly a matter of gratification for those at Food 4 Less Supermarket, for, apart from marking the seventh anniversary of their retail outlet in Otahuhu, they were also able to provide a wider range of products at low prices.

This supermarket has become the shopping destination for residents of the Greater Auckland region over these seven years.

Variety, Quality and Service are three major aspects of Food 4 Less Supermarket, making a difference to a growing family of discerning customers.

It is in fact this trilogy that draws to its fold a cross-section of the society seven days a week.

The growth in the Sub-Continent population and the rising popularity of Indian spices and cuisine, have touched the taste buds of people of all ethnicities, thereby stimulating the demand for Indian products. Encouraged by this trend, supermarkets dealing in Indian goods and spices have become rampant, giving rise to competition, some of which is not healthy.

Rising demand

The rising demand for goods and services that conform to the specific lifestyles and eating habits of various sections of the society has in turn encouraged supermarkets like Food 4 Less to expand the range of items that appeal to diverse groups.

The growth of the supermarket chains in New Zealand and the rest of the world over the past two decades narrate the changing customer habits and lifestyles.

Even as the ubiquitous superettes and dairies around the corner report successful business, gone are the days when supermarkets used to function within restricted hours. These sprawling retail outlets are now open seven days a week and longer hours each day.

An extensive and growing range of products now replaces the erstwhile confined approach of dealing in a few items. Customers today prefer a one-stop-shop for all the items of their household rather than visit two or more places. How else can you explain supermarkets beginning to retail television sets, computer hard ware and even clothing items?

A visit to Food 4 Less in Otahuhu would confirm the fact that it indeed is a retail outlet designed for customer convenience.

A variety of vegetables and fruits, well stacked and washed, greet you at the threshold, with freshness and natural beauty.

A few yards away is a weighing scale to make you sure of the quantity desired.

As the rows of shelves beckon you with soft drinks, juices and beverages, you take in yet another range of spices, masalas and ready-mix products, breakfast cereals, spreads and much more. Rice, flour, sugar, salt, dry fruits, coffee, tea, confectionery, noodles, pastas et al decorate many more shelves, while the deli section features a range of meat and other items.

From washing and detergents to bread and other dairy products, the selection at Food 4 Less is complete.

And oh yes, if you are one of those who prefers to shop here every other day or once a week and would like to see some additions, may be you could express your preference to the customer service desk.

Says A Patel, a regular customer: “Food 4 Less has been designed to cater not only to the Indian community but also to other ethnic groups. The staff and management are friendly, understand our needs and are ready to consider suggestions.”

According to Kunal Kapila, this is a facility for the entire community aiming at customer satisfaction.

“They are always open to suggestions-these may be to add new products or to improve services. The owners sincerely believe that customer is the driving force and quality products and services can never be compromised.”

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