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Two days from now Sevenz TV will come alive

Venkat Raman
Auckland, May 20, 2020

Trilogy of Talent: Shoba Sonu, Sonu Kumar and Bharati Sonu

Have you ever wondered how to reach out to the ‘Real Me’ of politicians, businesspersons, professionals and celebrities and understand the human side of their lives?

It happens so very often that we judge people by their performance in their jobs, forgetting their softer aspects as parents, family people, friends and as human beings.

More importantly, we often overlook the fact that they too long to be treated as one among us.

If you had long sported such questions and thoughts, you now have a channel to air them.

About Sevenz TV

Starting Friday, May 22, 2020, ‘Sevenz TV,’ will bring you information, education, entertainment, amusement and more, on to your Television sets.

The Channel can be accessed at

As an internet based, free-to-view service, it can be accessed from any device- your television set, laptop, Notebook smartphone and other devices, anytime from anywhere, so long you have the appropriate connections.

New programmes will be uploaded every Friday and can be seen throughout the following seven days. Archived material may be available on the Channel’s website.

‘Sevenz TV’ is a creation of Shoba Sonu and Sonu Kumar, with their daughter Bharati, known to New Zealanders as a family with high calibre of talent and the urge to serve our communities.

Shoba and Sonu have established themselves as reliable providers of creative and branding solutions to companies, community organisations and others as Directors of ‘ShobSonu Limited.’

Shoba in particular has been a strong advocate of providing quality information to children- information that is educative, futuristic and value-based.

“Sevenz TV will provide a platform for ‘This is Me’ (a closer and deeper look at well-known personalities), business profiles, Show Case (projects, programmes and events) and many other features that will be of interest to people. This will be a multicultural television channel that can be of interest to all communities resident in New Zealand,” Shoba and Sonu said.

The Creative Couple: Shoba Sonu and Sonu Kumar

Promoting businesses

Innovation is at the heart of this initiative and as visual experts, Shoba and Sonu hope that ‘Sevenz TV’ will be used by businesses to promote their corporate image, products and services, as they recover from the Covid-19 lockdown.

Sonu said that as an exclusive, online multicultural channel, ‘Sevenz TV’ will be an ideal media and branding platform to showcase and promote businesses, entrepreneurs and talents.

“From showcasing and promoting business profiles, featuring scintillating and inspiring life stories, to exciting bold young voices, showcasing talent and healthy lifestyle, we will have them all anew every Friday. As well as serving as an educative and inspirational platform for young and aspiring entrepreneurs, this Channel will provide a perfect branding opportunity for those sharing their stories. All the features will be produced free of cost,” Sonu said.

About Sonu

As Director and Chief Operating Officer of ‘Sevenz TV,’ Sonu brings to the Channel inimitable creative and audio-visual talent, as photographer, cinematographer, mixer, editor, producer and director, the proof of each of these can be found on Indian Newslink websites and social media platforms, apart from their websites.

Born and raised in a family of film makers, producers and directors, Sonu has held senior management positions in media (especially television) in South East Asia and the Middle East. An award winner, he puts his heart into any project, which becomes his personal venture.

His father, K S Sethumadhavan, is a renowned producer and director of films in India.

His engagement with the film industry began with ‘Marupakkam,’ a 1992 Tamil film (starring Sivakumar and Radha) which won the ‘Best Film of the Year’ National Award.

His career in cinematography commenced under the guidance Madhu Ambat, one of the finest cinematographers of India. He later worked as Assistant Cameraman alongside Madhu for ‘Chanakya,’ a 2005 film.

Sonu has been a Branding and Communication Specialist at a leading healthcare company in New Zealand. A Co-Founder of Chocolait Productions Private Limited, Sonu has husbanded his creative resources with Shoba to produce several wellness campaigns.

While creativity is his great resource, organisational ability and flexibility make him a source of endearment to people.

Short Films, another speciality with Shoba Sonu and Sonu Kumar

About Shoba Sonu

As the Creative Head of ‘Sevenz TV,’ Shoba is a no-nonsense woman of the advertising and sales promotion world, with a sound knowledge of every market in which she operates.

Rich with experience in shaping strategies for branding and various aspects of promotion, she brings her innate creative talent to achieve the business objectives of clients.

Shoba is an expert in developing creative campaigns and innovative content that effectively contribute to image-building and growth.

That she is a transformational speaker, adept in conducting workshops on products and services and personal and professional development is evidenced by the success she has achieved in her professional career spanning 20 or more years.

Bharati Sonu

A chip of the old block, Bharati Sonu began to display the talent of a performing artiste even during her formative years. Now, as the Digital and Programme Director at ‘Sevenz TV,’ she would have ample opportunities to do what began when she was just two years old – singing, modelling, and acting. She looks at the world from unique angles, and her interest in filmmaking, photography and cinematography will become legendary.

Bharati is well acquainted with the digital space and is currently pursuing her degree in screen production in Auckland.

You can watch her maiden video presentation here and read the story here.

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