People’s Forum to debate election issues

Do you think the current Mixed Member Proportional Electoral System is working or do you have an alternative?

Are you satisfied with the Law and Order situation in your area, city and the country? Do you think we live in a safe community?

What are you views on the social welfare system and on the type of support that refugees need soon after their arrival in the country?

Do you think the current system of employment is fair and would you like overseas qualifications to be recognised here?

If you have strong views on these and on immigration policy, Capital Gains Tax or any other issue that you consider important, you should then ensure your presence at a ‘Public Political Education Forum’ scheduled to be held at the Dominion Road School (14 Quest Terrace) in Mt Roskill, Auckland on October 29 from 12 pm to 530 pm.

Auckland Regional Ethnic Council is organising the programme to provide a platform for political leaders, Members of Parliament and electoral aspirants to engage themselves with the public, explain their Party policies and answer questions from the floor.

Council President Cecil Lochan said the meeting may also have the benefit of the presence of Electoral Commission representatives.

“They would explain the current voting system and the Referendum that would form part of the forthcoming General Election on November 26.

“New Zealand`s ethnic minority now forms a significant percentage of the population and is represented throughout the country by 19 Regional Ethnic Councils, collectively affiliated to the Wellington based New Zealand Federation of Multicultural Councils Inc,” he said.

The Council’s other main officials are Dinesh Tailor (Vice-President) and David Wong (Secretary), in addition to a six-member Executive Committee.

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