Police look for clues in murder case

Burning Body

The burning body of 21-year old Shalvin Prasad was found on the side of McRobbie Road in Kingseat on Thursday, January 31. His car, a Toyota RV 4 was discovered on Sunday, February 3 near Plunkett Avenue in Papatoetoe, about 10 kilometres away.

A passer-by, who found the burning body, informed the Police around 630 am.

Dave Lynch, Detective Inspector & District Manager (Criminal Investigations) of Counties Manukau Police, who is leading the investigation, told a media conference this morning that the victim had withdrawn ‘large sums of money’ from his term deposit account from a Manukau branch of ASB Bank on January 30.

Large cash withdrawn

He did not reveal details but said that amount was ‘tens of thousands of dollars.’

The reason for such large withdrawal was not known but according to Mr Lynch, there was no indication that the victim was involved in any illegal activity.

“Shalvin’s family have advised us that he was a hard worker and a diligent saver and checks of his banking history confirm that this money was gradually saved over a long period. We are aware that the money was broken out of a term investment which suggests to us that there was some recent event or activity that motivated Shalvin to withdraw this money without the knowledge of this family,” he said.

Mr Lynch said that he and his team of investigating officers would focus on anyone who had knowledge of the fact that Shalvin had a large sum of money with him and believe that identifying such persons will assist in progressing the investigation.

Shalvin was a soccer enthusiast and was the youngest in the family, residing in Dannemora, East Auckland.

His brother Pravin, described him as “an innocent man full of life,” had left home for a game of pool around 830 pm on January 30. They contacted the Police the following morning to complain that he was missing.

Shalvin’s funeral was held in Manukau Memorial Gardens in Papatoetoe yesterday.

Mr Lynch said that the Police would commence interviewing Shalvin’s family today and his friends and associates in the next few days.

Police are still focusing attention on the Plunkett Avenue area of Papatoetoe where Shalvin’s vehicle was located to determine exactly when his vehicle was parked there. “At this stage we have conclusive proof via CCTV that it was there on the Saturday (February 2) afternoon at 4 pm.

“We believe that Shalvin’s vehicle was at the place where it was found for some time prior to that but we are at this stage relying on conflicting witness accounts. We are keen to view any CCTV footage of the area.”

Police are yet to identify the Blue/Silver and White vehicles that were seen leaving the McRobbie Road area on the morning Shalvin’s body was located.

Both vehicles were believed to have gone through the intersection into Kingseat Road travelling in the Pukekohe direction.

“We emphasise however that these vehicles may or may not be connected to finding of Shalvin’s body,” Mr Lynch said.

Any information in relation to the investigation can be given to Police on (09) 2950311 or to anonymously to Crime-stoppers on 0800-555111


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