Pool puts FijiFirst far ahead of the rest

Joyti Pratibha

The FijiFirst Government has received a big tick from Fijians for its performance in its first four-year term, the latest Fiji Sun-Razor Pool has revealed.

The Pool asked respondents to rate the FijiFirst Government’s performance.

About 60% rated it as ‘Good,’ 21% said it was ‘Average’ while 19% rated it as ‘Poor.’

The rating correlates with the response to the question, “If the election is held tomorrow, which Party would you like to see elected to govern Fiji?”

About 67% picked FijiFirst, 18% chose SODELPA, 6% ticked the National Federation Party, 3% chose Unity Fiji and the Fiji Labour Party or none of the parties.

It is significant that SODELPA has dropped from 26% to 18%.

Increasing numbers

If you translate these to seats in Parliament based on the 2014 general election, FijiFirst would increase its seats from 32 to 36, SODELPA would decrease its seats from 15 to 12, NFP would retain its three seats. None of the other parties would win a seat.

The fluctuation in SODELPA’s ratings mirrors its internal rift. The situation is fluid.

Every time Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama makes a public statement about political parties, it buffets SODELPA and the NFP.

While they try to respond, the Pool shows that Mr Bainimarama has the upper hand. He has backed up his statements by his Government’s relentless work to deliver on its promises. There is tangible evidence for people to see.

Challenges to SODELPA

SODELPA faces some serious challenges. It has been holding pocket meetings daily in various areas. The turnout has been dismal.

A pocket meeting where SODELPA provisional candidates Tanya Waqanika and Adi Narayan were to speak at Nasese Methodist Church Hall on July 26, 2018, was cancelled after the SODELPA team saw that not even one member of the public was present.

Mr Bainimarama’s rating as the preferred Prime Minister went up from 60% last to 62% last fortnight. It is consistent with the trend in this Pool. It indicates that if the election was held tomorrow, FijiFirst will romp back for another term with an even bigger majority.

NFP’s demand

That is why NFP Leader Professor Biman Prasad told  the New Zealand media that the FijiFirst Government should stop using public resources to campaign and call the election now.

It is understood that Mr Prasad and others in the Opposition realise that the longer the campaign drags, the bigger the gap FijiFirst will build against other parties.

The Fiji Sun-Razor Pool conducted face-to -face interviews with 1000 people (500 in the Central, 300 in the West and 200 in the North).

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