Power of Prayer overwhelms all

Four thousands of years, people around the world have experienced the comfort, solace and peace of mind that prayer brings to them and their families.

“Surrender thyself to me and I will look after you,” is a teaching that is found in all religions, motivating people to have communion with God.

As a journalist, I have seen the Power of Prayer work as people gather in homes, churches and other places of worship, seeking forgiveness to the ‘Supreme Being’ who may be called by various names. I have seen people cured of diseases, which medical sciences had ruled incurable; of people leaving such prayer meetings fully recovered from various ailments; and of men and women, who turned a new leaf, shedding tears of remorse and joy.

‘Jesus Calls,’ is a Ministry that attracts millions of people around the world to pray for someone who is in distress – not just out of physical ailment but out of mental agony, marital incompatibility, physical deficiencies and a thousand of problems, complaints and hopeless situations. Hundreds of priests, prayer-leaders, volunteers and community workers engage themselves in prayer and community service, seeking God’s Mercy, almost always for people who they neither know nor met. And almost always Prayer works. Believing is everything.

Prayer Towers

More than 50 ‘Prayer Towers’ of ‘Jesus Calls’ have been established in many parts of the world, allowing people to congregate and pray. In Auckland, New Zealand’s first Prayer Tower commenced functioning on November 17, 2012 with the benevolence of businessman Charles Pandey and his family.

Located at 1/80 Carr Road (Mt Roskill), the Prayer Tower is open from 9 am to 6 pm (Monday to Friday) for all people and Healing and Blessing meetings are held on Tuesdays from 7 pm.

As Dr Paul Dhinakaran (Co-Founder & President of the Ministry) told us during his visit to Auckland earlier this year (Indian Newslink, February 15, 2013), “God relieves us from the burden of all ailments. There is no greater power on earth than prayers, offered by people who surrender themselves completely at the Lord’s feet.”

Jesus ordains

It is understood that his father, the late DGS Dhinakaran was ‘personally ordained’ by Jesus Christ through a ‘vision’ to bring comfort to people through prayers.

/Dr Paul Dhinakaran and his late father established Karunya University in 1986 as per the ‘Divine Vision’ given to them. The mission of Karunya is to raise prophets and leaders like Daniels, Josephs and Esthers who will hold high positions in the government and corporate sectors. Karunya is located in a lush green valley of 700 acres near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Dr Dhinakaran’s wife Evangeline also brings healing and God’s anointing to multitudes of people through her prayer. She inspires others by her simple ways and humbleness.

First anniversary

Pastor Jason Prasad and his wife Sunita, manage Auckland Prayer Tower, conducting and leading prayer meetings and answering calls to prayer.

“The Bible says that it was God’s love for us that took Jesus to the Cross and it is just because of His grace that we have been saved. What a privilege to know the Living God and serve Him indeed!” he said at the first anniversary of the Prayer Tower held on November 26, 2013.

Since its inauguration hundreds of people have been blessed through the prayers offered on site for people who came in, for those who called out our toll-free number and those who sent their written requests or attended the Healing and Blessing services. The numerous testimonies speak of God’s goodness to His people and the promise that He will never leave nor forsake His children,” he said.

The anniversary witnessed an impressive congregation of people offering prayers, songs in praise of Lord Jesus in genuine expression of genuine faith.

Pastor Jason Prasad and others can be contacted for general inquiries on (09) 6207160 or 0274-772937. For prayers round-the-clock, call 0800-537872.

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