Pride and pulse of the Indian Community

Our heartiest congratulations to Indian Newslink on its 12th Anniversary, which happily coincides with the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards Night on November 14, 2011.

It is an opportune time to reflect on the achievements of Indian Newslink and contributions to the New Zealand society and in particular the Indian community.

In an article I penned in the 2010 Anniversary Special, I commended Indian Newslink for its very balanced reporting, which in turn fosters editorial integrity.

Since then, the image of this newspaper has further been enhanced by the Editor building on its strengths and widening the scope and coverage of issues confronting our society.

I have found Indian Newslink a very fair and fearless newspaper, promoting our fundamental right to freedom of speech, which forms the basis of a free and democratic society.

Balanced reporting is significant in maintaining social cohesion and in fostering editorial integrity. I believe Indian Newslink is a good example of such integrity.

I have been a regular reader of this newspaper, first when it was a monthly and later when it became a fortnightly. I have also been happy to be associated with it as a regular contributor.

This Publication has been a pride of the community in providing quality news, analyses and diversity of views.

From informing the members of the community of the developments occurring in a variety of fields, the newspaper has been providing a sound platform for people to share their thoughts with others. Its special reports to commemorate major festivals of the Indian and Sub-Continent communities enable the younger generation and people of other ethnic groups understand and appreciate our culture and heritage.

Contributions and special reports from seasoned journalists, community leaders and people from a cross-section of the society give Indian Newslink a colourful tapestry, which has readership and aesthetic value. It was therefore no surprise that the newspaper won a Gold Medal for Printing Excellence in May 2009.

For a long time, many of us have felt that this Publication should become a weekly, in view of the fact that its stories and features have a deep impact on its readers. In today’s electronic media, a fortnight seems to be too long for the frequency of a quality publication. As a weekly, Indian Newslink will be able to serve our communities better and more effectively.

Subhag and I wish Indian Newslink a very bright and illustrious future.

Judge Dr Ajit Swaran Singh is a Judge at the Manukau District Court. We are privileged that he and his wife Subhag are regular readers and well-wishers of this newspaper.

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