Pristine Nepal embellishes the Himalayas

Raunak Kapoor – 

Nepal is a land of simplicity and tradition.

Its beauty is exhilarating not just because of its surreal landscapes or historical monuments; the country’s beauty is in the narrow lanes, cramped societies and houses, some of which are still deprived of electricity.

Nepal is one of the few places where nature and civilisation coexist without one tarnishing the other.

The real beauty of a place can be seen in its inhabitants. People there are warm and welcoming. They take pride in their rich heritage and are willing to share it with everyone.

I am a passionate photographer and film maker and I have had the opportunity to travel through Nepal for 15 days with a friend, and observe the country in close-up.

Breathtaking beauty

At a glance, Nepal is breathtaking, with a picturesque landscape filled with stunning imagery of mountains, lakes and temples.

Even the crowded capital city of Kathmandu is a photographer’s delight.

Although the earthquakes took an immense toll on the resilient city, it still stands strong. The beauty of the city overshadows the damage and the love of its people overpowers the plight of poverty.

But Nepal is not about its landscapes, but about its people.

Everything about Nepal is captivating- its beautiful and rich culture, everlasting kindness, unparalleled beauty, innocent charm, delicious food, and unconditional love.


About self

I am a young storyteller, photographer and a film maker.

My work revolves mostly around the travel, street, nature, portraiture and other different ideas and experiments, but all my pictures contain a unique story, an idea or a message I want to convey to my viewers. My work is full of stories that I find deeply moving, encouraging or motivational, so that little by little I can contribute to a world of creativity and share my passion for visual art.

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Space for the next generation

Ashok Kochhar

The Late T Kasinath Ji, my photography teacher said, “I have taught 735 students and I am happy that I could produce one photographer.”

This was the best ever compliment I have received in my my life.

Thereafter I did not look for any accolades.

As a senior creative photographer, it is now my turn to share my experience.

I am proud to introduce Raunak Kapoor, one of my brightest students.

It took me many years to reach the heights of creative photography, which he achieved in just one year.

He is just 18 years old and going on full scholarship in one of the best Photography and Art Colleges in America.

This close knit and honest relationship always leads to great results.

We need to go back to older days of ‘Gurukul,’ where teacher did not hide anything, but practiced his art along with teachings.

So, here is a proud teacher introducing one of his best students.

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