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I congratulate Indian Newslink on its 14th Anniversary.

Apart from being an avid reader of this fortnightly, I am proud of my close friendship with its Editor and hence consider it my duty to offer two suggestions for the continued development and progress of this newspaper.

These suggestions are to constitute a Managerial Board and an Editorial Board.

Indian Newslink is a successful organisation with an increasing number of supporters, which is demonstrated by the growing family of advertisers and contributors. Its Annual Indian Business Awards Ceremony brings together about 800 businesspersons of mainly Indian origin.

Managerial Board

A Managerial Board will offer the following advantages: 1. Commitment to Indian Newslink and its readers 2. Show the way for the newspaper to move forward and 3. Provide strategies and plans for achieving its goals.

The Managerial Board should also develop policies and procedures, provide valuable information on the needs of the business community and ensure that the newspaper is well represented within the community.

It would however be a challenge to get the right members to the Board. Such a Board will be successful only if its members are willing to accept responsibility, be enthusiastic and dedicated, have strong leadership and communication skills and remain committed to the newspaper’s vision.

I am confident that Indian Newslink will not have difficulty in getting the right type of people by virtue of the great support it receives from the business community.

Editorial Board

The greatest strength of Indian Newslink is its editorial contents and news. The variety and well selected articles written by various people speak high of the editorial standard of the newspaper and its readership.

The Editorial Board will provide its members with opportunities to discuss news, views, opinions and trends on what the newspaper should say on a range of issues.

It will also help to develop and maintain its reputation as a source of high quality information for the readers.

The Board will define and implement the ethical standards, including the principle of editorial Independence.

Great care must be taken to ensure that members of the Editorial Board are persons of integrity, reflect the diversity of the culture, topics, profession and meet the high standards expected by its readers.

I hope that Indian Newslink would continue to grow from strength to strength.

Wenceslaus Anthony is Chairman & Managing Director of WAML Group based in Auckland. He is also Chairman of the Mother Teresa Interfaith Committee that organises the annual Mother Teresa Interfaith Meeting. The picture features him with Gopalkrishna Gandhi (former Governor General and grandson of Mahatma Gandhi), volunteers and others at the Meeting held at the Catholic Church of Christ the King in Mt Roskill last year.

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