Professionalism overtakes profit motive

It is often said that women in business follow their ‘motherly instinct’ of comfort and care, with little concern for commercial viability, which is why many of them depend on professional consultants and accountants to steer them clear of trouble.

Irene Kiran of Amax Laser is among those who believe in offering permanent solutions to their skin and hair problems.

“I understand how people feel humiliated and embarrassed, since I have been a victim in the past. I know that there are many women who are jobless and cannot afford the cost of skincare treatment. I have made it my mission to provide the best possible treatment at the lowest possible cost to my customers. I have not been very good in managing my accounts,” she said.

Her husband therefore manages the finances of the Papatoetoe based firm and ensures that it is commercially successful.

Her popularity, credentials (she is the first and only Indian nurse to establish a business of this type in New Zealand) and friendly disposition ensure an ever-increasing list of customers. But she does not allow the excess demand to determine the cost of treatment.

She is a specialist in the field of aesthetics in Appearance Medicine and employs a combination of technology and knowledge in her profession.

As well as understanding clients’ problems and their special needs, Kiran engages her clients in personal, one-to-one consultation to apprise them honestly of their problems and the treatment process. Her ability to converse in English, Hindi and Punjabi breaks the language barrier.

Her professional competence extends to Acne (Pimple) Treatment, Age Spot Treatment, Black Head and White Head Removal, Microdermabrasion with Oxygen Therapy, Milia Removals, Permanent Hair Removal, Pigmentation Removal, Skin Needling, Skin Rejuvenation with Photo Therapy, Skin Tag Removal and Spider Veins or Broken Capillary Treatment.

Migrating from her native Fiji in 1989, Kiran obtained a Government Scholarship to pursue her education in Nursing. A diploma and graduate degree later, she worked at the Hematology Department at the Middlemore Hospital before establishing her firm in 2006.

Kiran said skin and hair care practice is replete with challenges, especially since a majority of customers are apprehensive about laser treatment.

“Many of them are scared that their skin may be permanently damaged and hence ask if there was ‘a safer’ treatment available. I take time to explain to them the benefits of laser technology, its ability to return the skin to normalcy. I know there are some people who call themselves therapists and consultants, use cheap equipment and charge high fees. I want to make a difference, not money,” she said.

With 5000 names on her clients’ list and with more than 25 consultancy and treatment sessions conducted daily, Kiran provides an extensive range of treatments and processes to ensure client satisfaction.

“I am committed to quality customer care through quality equipment and technology. People should be aware of junk technology which can be harmful and more expensive,” she said.

But she does not forget or ignore her domestic duties.

“I am still a housewife and a full time mother, tending to our three children along with my husband,” she said.

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