Professionalism towers on strong business ethics

When we learnt that Bayleys Real Estate Investment Property Sales Executive Tony Chaudhary won two awards within the Bayley Group recently, we were not surprised.

For, winning awards and receiving accolades from superiors, colleagues and most importantly customers has almost become a habit with this young and energetic executive, who is a source of inspiration for many.

Bayleys declared him as the Number 1 South Auckland and Number 3 Auckland-wide in Commercial/Retail/Investment Sales, which is not an ordinary feat, considering the large size of the Company and the ferocious competition that impact the real estate sector.

Consistently placed among Bayleys top 5% of agents nationwide, Mr Chaudhry went past the hat trick to win the ‘Manukau’s top Retail/Commercial/Industrial agent for 2013-2014 for the fourth successive year. He was also the fourth across Bayleys nationwide commercial sales network.

Positive attributes

Yet, Mr Chaudhary has proved to be a consistent winner, with some of the finest attributes of a salesperson. Affable manners, integrity and transparency are qualities that have earned him a place of distinction not only within Bayleys but also throughout the Greater Auckland region. He sets high standards not only for his small but well-knit team but also for himself and leads by example. The fact that he is adaptive, geared to rise above the high expectations of his clients and be available to suit their convenience builds confidence in people.

Experts say that salespersons in real estate business “are as good as the last property sold, because customer satisfaction is subject to volatile fluctuations.”

Multiple growth

Regularly dealing with individual property owners, corporate clients, high-profile national retail groups and key international property clients, Mr Chaudhary’s business has grown exponentially through repeat and referral business, record sales prices, a changing market, and clever solutions to the challenges posed by the market.

His personal sales team, comprising Janak Darji (a graduate degree in Property) and Amy Weng (currently completing her commerce degree) add value to his efforts in fostering high standards of service and raising the Bayleys flag throughout Auckland.

The three professionals efficiently service a growing list of national and international clients who value diligent work and intelligent marketing strategies, banking on Mr Chaudhary’s proven negotiation skills.

If language is an important tool of communication, the trio can boast of addressing a majority of New Zealanders. While Mr Chaudhary articulates well in Hindi, Punjabi and has an understanding of Gujarati, Mr Darji is proficient in Gujarati and Amy in Mandarin and Cantonese. All the three are indeed fluent in English, the main business language of the country.

Deep insight

This reporter has known Mr Chaudhary over the past seven years since he joined Bayleys working as a one-man team, with traits of patience, perseverance, negotiations skills and the ability to respect other’s point of view.

In profiling the young executive in our September 1, 2013 issue, we had quoted a number of customers saying, “Mr Chaudhary brings an insight to the real estate table.”

“Be it a person-to-person telephone conversation, an informal meeting with the mentors of the ‘Young (Indian) Professionals Group’ or a profound gathering at a Business Awards Ceremony, this young executive brings dignity, integrity and exuberance to the environment.”

His corporate sales background, a treasure-house of business and social contacts that is constantly growing are among his special characteristics.

“My business is people and client-focused rather than area specific. Building relationships, trust and providing effective and efficient service are the main platforms of any successful business. These are my focus as well. I introduce clients to property opportunities around various parts of Auckland, which not only saves them having to go through many agents but also provides them benefit of choosing from a wide variety of available investments,” Mr Chaudhary said.

Auckland Specialist

Although known as a Specialist in the South Auckland and East Auckland commercial property sales market, clients elsewhere in the City also seek his expertise in selling their estates because they know that he would serve their best interests.

Ability to work closely with other sales consultants in the company is the hallmark of his success. Mr Chaudhary also ensures that his clients are afforded all opportunities to secure offerings that are of interest to them.

A good word is always the one that spreads popularity, spelling success and over the years, Mr Chaudhary has not only had repeat customers but also new contacts as referrals.

“Successfully selling real estate is all about providing extraordinary service, hard work and effort. I take pride in every investment I sell and strive to achieve the best possible result from both vendors and purchasers,” he said.

About Bayleys

Bayleys is New Zealand’s largest full-service real estate company. It offers expertise in the marketing and sale of a wide range of property, including residential real estate, farms and lifestyle blocks, and commercial and industrial property. The Company’s portfolio includes tourism and leisure assets such as hotels, motels and related services.

Bayleys also covers the real estate markets in Fiji and other Pacific Islands.

Among the services provided are property and facilities including property management and valuations. Its breadth of coverage across all market sectors throughout New Zealand remains unchallenged.

Impressive growth

Bayleys has grown from a successful family business to New Zealand’s largest property service company with a staff of more than 1270 and 68 offices located throughout New Zealand and Fiji.

The Company conducted more than 7500 transactions valued at more than $5.4 billion during the 2012-2013 financial year, reflecting the evolution of the enterprise from a commercial and industrial property business to a full service property company across all disciplines.

In addition to being New Zealand’s largest and most successful commercial and industrial real estate agency, Bayleys is strong niche market performer in residential, apartment, project marketing, country, waterfront and tourism related property and business sales.

It is a leading property manager with about $1.2 billion worth of property under administration and operates a comprehensive Valuations service providing asset and portfolio property valuations across various industry sectors.

Substantial investments

Bayleys has invested substantially in growing and supporting a national network of offices with a wide range of corporate resources. These include IT, internet and customer database, research, staff training (at the Bayleys Property College), marketing, media, public relations and auctioning.

Sale and lease of commercial, industrial and retail property forms the core of operations at Bayleys. With more than 200 agents working from 35 commercial and industrial offices across New Zealand, Bayleys is unmatched in the property industry.

The Company’s successes are evident in the sale of all types of commercial property including retail holdings ranging from stand-alone shops, suburban shopping centres, malls, high-rise office towers and owner-operated small business sites, large scale warehousing structures to light and heavy manufacturing and processing plants, and professional premises.

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