Project to assess challenges confronting New Zealand Children

Signa partners with Life Education Trust for mental health education
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Wellington, September 19, 2018
Cigna New Zealand has partnered with Life Education Trust to support mental health education in schools.
The children’s Mental And Physical Health Charity is conducting a new evaluation project to gain a better understanding of the daily challenges faced by Kiwi children.

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Cigna New Zealand Chief Executive Gail Costa said that the 3600 Cigna Well-Being Survey 2018 showed that Kiwis are finding it increasingly difficult to manage their personal well-being and that of their families.
Child-Centred approach
“We are delighted to support Life Education Trust help educate our communities on the importance of taking care of your health and wellness,” she said.
Life Education Trust Chief Executive John O’Connell said that the insights from the project will help shape the work the charity does to support children throughout New Zealand.
“At our recent national conference, the Children’s Commissioner laid down the challenge for us to ensure we are child-centred and include children’s voices in our plans,” he said.
“This project will capture the voices of more than 30,000 children each year, helping us understanding their changing attitudes, beliefs and knowledge.  We will be able compare the challenges children face in different parts of New Zealand and, with Cigna’s help, ensure they have the support they need,” he added.
Rising Stress
Cigna’s research showed that 8 in 10 Kiwis are affected by stress and only half of New Zealanders feel they can take care of their children’s health and well-being.
“Education about stress and how to take care of your mental well-being is really important for our young people living in today’s demanding environment. Cigna is proud to partner with community organisations like Life Education Trust that work to improve the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities,” Ms Costa said.
Mr O’Connell said that Life Education Trust was thrilled to create a partnership with Cigna enabling it to invest and understand more about children’s health and well-being needs.
“We can build on Cigna’s existing health and well-being research and extend this to New Zealand’s children, creating a partnership from our shared goals,” she said.
In addition to the evaluation project, Cigna will support Life Education Trust’s in-school initiatives and will assist in the development of new programmes based on topics such as mental health.
About Cigna New Zealand
Cigna Life Insurance New Zealand Ltd provides health, wellness and sense of security solutions.  Established more than 90 year ago, Cigna has in-depth local consumer and industry knowledge and protects more than 350,000 New Zealanders with insurance policies.  Its products and services include Life, Funeral, Income Protection, Trauma, Accidental Death, Cancer Cover, Travel and Bill Protection Insurance.  It also makes its products available to partner companies to retail in their own names.
Cigna New Zealand is part of Cigna Corporation, a Fortune 500 company and has an A (Excellent) financial strength rating which was given by A M Best Company Inc.
About Life Education Trust
Life Education Trust is a charity that educates and inspires generations to embrace positive choices for a healthy mind and body. Every year, more than 250,000 children from primary and intermediate schools are involved in the Life Education programme. Through lessons in mobile classrooms and teachers using resources in schools, the Trust supports children’s mental and physical health including healthy eating, resilience, physiology and brain development as they grow and good and bad substances.

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