Property crime rises in Auckland

The Auckland City District Police have launched a new initiative to combat the rising incidence of property crime.

Senior Sergeant Vaughn Graham said that ‘Operation Hotspot’ would target offenders in the Central Auckland area, with a special focus on vehicles.

“Police will be very visible around known problem locations and will be focused on reducing offender opportunities. It is appropriate to remind motorists and members of the public that thieves are always on the prowl for soft or easy targets. By applying some basic safety precautions people can reduce offending opportunities and ensure they don’t become victims of crime,” he said.

Basic precautions

Emphasising the need to take basic precautions, Sergeant Graham advised people not to leave valuables in vehicles during their absence.

“They should at least not be visible to thieves. It would be advisable to take all cables and device holders, which indicate that valuables are hidden in the car. You should also use theft prevention devices such as car alarms and vehicle steering locks. There is a difference between your car being targeted or ignored,” he said.

Sergeant Graham said that people should choose carefully the place to park their cars and consult car park managers or operators and ask the measures in place for deterring thieves.

“In the home or office, lock and secure doors and windows. Keep valuables in a safe place locked away. iPods, iPhones and laptops are highly sought after by criminals as they’re valuable, comparatively small and portable,” he said.

According to him, many thieves are opportunists and can offend, in part, because some people were willing to buy stolen items.

“If the item is cheap, it often means that it belongs to someone else. Report people who are selling suspected stolen property immediately to the Police on 111 or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800-555111,” Sergeant Graham said.

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