Prophetic Prayers and Meetings with Master Healers

Sister Sunila Prasad – 

Dr Paul Dhinakaran, his wife Evangeline, their son Samuel and daughter Stella Ramola (Sweety) will be in Auckland from September 8 to September 10, 2016.

They will conduct a Prophetic Prayer Conference and Blessing Healing meetings at Church Unlimited, 3 Te Atatu Road, Glendene.

A Youth Meeting will be held on Sunday, September 11, 2016 with Sam and Sweety at Indian Christian Life Centre, 8/23 Springs Street, East Tamaki. Elders who have a passion for worship and music are also welcome.

God has been using the Dhinakaran family to bring His Word to His people in a powerful way and confirming His Word through signs, wonders and miracles.

Prophetic Prayer

This is a wonderful opportunity for Ministry leaders and church pastors to bring their leadership teams, especially young people to attend the Prophetic Prayer Training.

Dr Dhinakaran describes Prophetic Prayer as ‘knowing the mind of God and praying accordingly.’

That is what will bring the Kingdom of God upon the earth.

That is the grace of God given to you to fulfil His plans for you even before the foundations of the earth.

Praying for the prophecies to come to pass in this natural world in a supernatural way is in itself a Ministry. This is called Prophetic Prayer.

Prayer Conference

Jesus Calls Prophetic Prayer Conference, which will be held from 930 am to 430 pm, will teach participants how to hear the word of the Lord and be filled with the Holy Spirit’s overflowing power. They will receive the prophetic anointing and experience the presence of God in a new way.

Nine gifts of the Holy Spirit will be taught including how to use them daily.

There is minimum registration fee, applicable to one day or all three days.

Please call (09) 6207160; Website:

Blessing Healing Meetings

These are evening meetings open to all, scheduled to be held from 7 pm on Friday, September 9 and from 6 pm on Saturday, September 10, 2016.

We expect a large crowd on both days and hence early seating is advised.

Jesus Calls Prayer Tower

‘Jesus Calls,’ is a Ministry that attracts millions of people around the world to pray for someone who is in distress – not just out of physical ailment but out of mental agony, marital incompatibility, physical deficiencies and a thousand of problems, complaints and hopeless situations. Hundreds of priests, prayer-leaders, volunteers and community workers engage themselves in prayer and community service, seeking God’s Mercy, almost always for people who they neither know nor met. And almost always Prayer works. Believing is everything.

Jesus Calls New Zealand Prayer Tower is located at 1/80 Carr Road, Mt Roskill and is open from Monday to Friday (9 am to 6 pm) to offer prayers for those who call or visit. After hour prayers are offered through 24/7 free phone line 0800- 537872 (0800 JESUSCALLS)

Healing Blessing Meetings are held every Tuesday from 7 pm at the Prayer Tower.

A different person minsters the Word of God each week.

Each week there is a different person ministering the Word of God. Every person attending can receive individual prayers.

As Dr Paul Dhinakaran (Co-Founder & President of the Ministry) told us during his visit to Auckland earlier this year (Indian Newslink, February 15, 2013), “God relieves us from the burden of all ailments. There is no greater power on earth than prayers, offered by people who surrender themselves completely at the Lord’s feet.”

Jesus ordains

It is understood that his father, the late DGS Dhinakaran was ‘personally ordained’ by Jesus Christ through a ‘vision’ to bring comfort to people through prayers.

Dr Paul Dhinakaran and his late father established Karunya University in 1986 as per the ‘Divine Vision’ given to them. The mission of Karunya is to raise prophets and leaders like Daniels, Josephs and Esthers who will hold high positions in the government and corporate sectors. Karunya is located in a lush green valley of 700 acres near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Dr Dhinakaran’s wife Evangeline also brings healing and God’s anointing to multitudes of people through her prayer. She inspires others by her simple ways and humbleness.

Christ’s Message

There are many ‘miracles’ that occurred in his life, the most significant of which was ‘The Call,’ which he received from Jesus Christ a few weeks after the death of his father on February 20, 2008. It was the same vision, with the same message that his father had experienced several years earlier.

The Voice said: “I have started a new era now. The old era has ended with your father. The new era is the one that has to prepare the world for My Second Coming. I will raise millions of prophets and apostles. I will operate the apostolic power and the prophetic gifts in the world.”

One of his early successes was the attention that he drew with the management of ‘Doordarshan,’ the state-owned television channels. ‘Jesus Calls’ is now televised through private channels throughout India, Europe and the Middle East.

Sister Sunila Prasad and her husband Brother Jason Prasad manage Jesus Calls Prayer Tower in New Zealand. They are helped by ‘Volunteer Prayer Warriors,’ who visit during the day to intercede in the name of Jesus.


Photo Caption:

  1. Paul and Evangeline Dhinakaran with their children
  2. Jason and Sunila Prasad with Alick Narayan at the Prayer Tower
  3. Music has the power of Prayer




Some Testimonials

Job Granted

I am very thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ and the New Zealand Prayer Tower Prayer Warriors. I came to the Prayer Tower for prayers for my residency, job needs and future plans. I had made applications at many places but was not getting any success.

The Prayer Warriors ministered to me and prayed for me. While I was still at the Prayer Tower, I received an email saying that I had been selected for the position of Assistant Manager that I had applied for months earlier.

I was amazed. I knew this was the Lord Jesus Christ working in my life! I am glad that the Lord Jesus is in my life. I give all honour, and glory and praise to Lord Jesus.

Mr Singh (March 2015)

Lumps Disappeared

My daughter had two lumps behind her right ear. They seemed to be growing, causing us concern. I came to Jesus Calls Prayer Tower and gave a request on behalf of my daughter. The Prayer Warriors prayed fervently that the lump must disappear. My daughter had to go through various tests.

And lo and behold, the lumps disappeared and the tests were all fine as well. My daughter is now declared healthy. I praise and glorify the name of the Lord for healing my daughter and thank the prayer warriors for praying with faith.

Maria (August 2015)

God Hears Prayers

One day as I was driving through Carr Road, I saw the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower building. On Tuesday, January 26, 2016, the Lord led me into the Prayer Tower and I gave my prayer request regarding my family situation. I prayed for increase in my working hours as I needed money to finance my car. The Prayer Warriors encouraged me and prayed fervently for my needs.

On Thursday morning (January 28, 2016), my son, who had not spoken to me for four years, messaged me on Facebook and said “Mum, how are you? happy New Year!’

My heart was filled with joy because the Lord had started His work of reconciliation among my family members. From that day I was given more hours of work.

I thank and praise Lord Jesus for answering my prayers so quickly. He is a living God, our Father, who wants to bless us.

He says, “Ask and it will be given to you” (Matthew 7:7) I give praise, honour and glory to God for this miracle in my family.

Galu (Jan 2016)


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