Protest meeting over immigration changes in Auckland

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Mike Treen

Auckland, April 29, 2017

A Public Meeting to express concern over the changes to immigration policy announced by the government will be held on Monday, May 1, 2017 at 6 pm at Unitarian Church, 1A, Ponsonby Road, Grey Lynn.

The Meeting is being sponsored by Unite Union, Migrant Workers Association and Global Peace and Justice Auckland.

Dreams dashed

The government changes to the immigration rules are creating a great deal of misery for many workers and students in this country from overseas who have come under different rules and have had their hopes and dreams for the future dashed.

A number of industries have a significant percentage of their workforces here on temporary work visas.

Significant damage will be done to employment in these industries which will have a negative impact on the economy and jobs for all people living in this country.

Amnesty needed

The government has created an exemption for the mostly dairy farm workers in the South Island to access permanent residence.

We believe that there needs to be consideration given to extending this amnesty far more broadly to allow people to access residency who have made this country their home.

It is unfair to change the rules on people half way through a process in which many have invested huge sums of money and time in study courses, job searches, and establishing homes for themselves and their families.

If you are concerned about these immigration changes and the human damage they will impose then come along to a meeting to discuss these issues and establish a plan to oppose them

Mike Treen is National Director of Unite Union based in Auckland.

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