Punjabis form new entity in Auckland

A number of youngsters from the resident Punjabi community have got together with their seniors to establish a new organisation to ‘celebrate and excellence in art, culture and sports.’

Ajit Singh, Anu Kaloti, Dev Dhingra, Gurpreet Kaur, Gursimran Singh, Indu Bajwa, Manjit Singh, Navtej Randhawa and Parminder Singh are among those behind the initiative.

Called, the ‘New Zealand Punjabi Foundation,’ it would seek close cooperation with all sections of the Punjabi community in New Zealand and abroad to achieve common good.

Mr Randhawa said that the Foundation aims to promote a sense of belonging and unity of purpose among the younger sections of the community.

“We would work together to meet the social, political and economic challenges that confront us. We will build on the strength of the community and its belief in hard work and religious, social and economic unity. Punjabis have been in New Zealand for more than 120 years and have been true partners in the country’s social and economic progress,” he said.

Mr Randhawa said that the first programme of the Foundation would be a joint Indian-Pakistan Mushaira (Poetic Session).

“The event will be held on September 2, 2012 at 6 pm at the Papatoetoe Town Hall (31, George Street), in South Auckland,” he said.

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