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The journey has begun, and the traveller has many new stories to tell.

As the first milestone of this amazing visual journey, the opportunity to showcase a new concept in the field of photography came about in the heart of Hamilton, with the support of two esteemed organisations, namely, Creative Waikato and Hamilton City Council.

Their support and belief in the concept made this first milestone really special.

Exciting times

These are always exciting times in everyone’s life, especially when it is a maiden exhibition in an absolutely new environment.

The exhibition was named ‘Kaleidoscope,’ to showcase the varied hues of all the previous works from years of travel and efforts.

It was a real challenge to do outdoor exhibition in a country like New Zealand where wind and rain are unpredictable. On top of it, you have no idea how people would react to your works of art.

The suspense was building but as we all know time passes by at its own pace.

The weather was good in previous weeks but few days before the event, the warning of cyclone was building, forecast to hit our shores on the days of the exhibition! You would realise what artistes go through in their lives!

Bad weather hits

Day one started with a bad weather but I was determined to execute the installation for the exhibition. It rained almost the whole day, despite which there were people. The response was good.

But days two and three were total washout as the weather was very bad, with high speed winds with rain playing havoc.

But art lovers stayed in touch with me throughout and the various calls and messages of appreciation reminded me that all the efforts were worthwhile.

Live demonstration

I had organised a live demonstration on the premises of Creative Waikato.

It was a welcome evening with a good turnout. I planned to demonstrate old painting style of fruits and vegetables to re-create through the medium of creative photography.

Those attending the event were really enthusiastic, took efforts to understand the process from conceptualisation to final execution.

The session went for three hours, everybody enjoyed and it was a big step in our initiative to build a commune, where art can find a medium of sharing and growing.

Here are the pictures of the exhibition installation and pictures created at the Live Demonstration.

Ashok Kochhar is an international photographer with hundreds of thousands of photographs on varied subjects under and around the Sun to his credit. His versatility has been decorating the pages of Indian Newslink since September 1, 2015. We hope to carry many of his creations in our future issues.

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