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Raviz Indian Restaurant Botany

Indian hospitality is as unique as its cuisine, both of which rely on promotion of time honoured values. These include serving fresh and healthy food free of artificial colours, to suit the preferences of the local population.

Raviz Botany is an Indian Restaurant serving authentic Indian food.

Indian food is known for its richness and flavours and its spicy aroma is appetising.

We try oue best to give you an experience that will inspire your taste buds.

Raviz Botany has been under new management for some months now; the team is working hard to provide customers with excellent service and quality food.

New Menu coming up

Says Renju, who manages the business: “We are a licensed Restaurant bar with a variety of cocktails. The Restaurant will be branded with a new name soon; we will also be adding new items to give customers a unique experience. We serve cuisine that is popular in India, Pakistan and China.

Our Biriyanis and Indo-Chinese curries are delightful and we have introduced the Family Pack (Chicken Dum Biriyani, Mutton Dum Biriyani) which has become popular.

Says a patron: “We order food from Raviz on a regular basis. The food is delicious and delivery is always on time.”

Renju’s challenge is to provide authentic Indian cuisine and optimise customer satisfaction. We are confident of achieving high standards of quality, service and price. We are also keen to provide South Indian delicacies.”


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