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As Indian Newslink celebrates 14 years of its publication, it is a proud moment for all of us involved with the newspaper.

The newspaper has endeavoured and succeeded in becoming a respected platform for highlighting issues concerning people of Indian origin in New Zealand, and making their voices heard to the powers that be.

It also encourages and shines the spotlight on Indians making a mark in their educational, professional, community and entertainment pursuits.

In its 14-year lifespan, the newspaper has seen many changes.

Changing times

The biggest change has been the boom in information technology. Internet has altered the established dynamics of our daily lives. Practically every industry from banking to the entertainment sector has had to alter their processes, products and delivery mechanisms to suit the Internet generation.

The impact on the newspaper industry has also been significant.

With an ever-increasing amount of information available online in a handy and user- friendly format, the need to read the printed newspaper has diminished.

Sustaining interest

This is where the biggest challenge lies for Indian Newslink. It needs to sustain the desire in its readers to pick up a copy from select Indian outlets throughout the country twice a month. This can be achieved by maintaining a high standard of editorial content which is packaged attractively.

Issues that resonate with a wide majority and articles that are engrossing to read will drive readers to the newspaper. Featuring more stories on subjects of interest to the youth will also help to expand its reader base. Creating content, specific to the printed version and selected articles being available only for online viewing can help create a separate identity for both forms of Indian Newslink.

The advantage that this newspaper has is that people of Indian origin are generally conditioned to read the printed version of newspapers from a young age. This is a habit that they try to inculcate in their children as well. Therefore, so as long the product is appealing, finding patrons should not be an issue.

Editorial integrity

Advertisements are necessary for a newspaper’s survival. However, advertisements should never supersede the editorial content in a newspaper. People want to read a newspaper and not an advertising brochure. Advertising copy on goods or services disguised as articles reflect poorly on any publication

This is a path which Indian Newslink should not tread.

Being unbiased, but still presenting the full story is the hallmark of any respected news publication. Indian Newslink should never pander to the whims of people in power, and desist from taking sides on issues. All details should be presented in a reader friendly format, and let the people decide what is right or wrong.

The future is both exciting and challenging for the newspaper. Content is king, and so long as this mantra is followed, Indian Newslink will continue to be a part of our fortnightly read.


Muskan Devta (North Shore) began reading newspapers since she was five years old as pictured.

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