Retail News teams up with our Business Awards

We are happy to announce that ‘Retail News,’ a web-based newsletter and communication service, has teamed up with Indian Newslink to bring the strengthens of the two entities for the benefit of retail businesses, this newspapers readers and the Indian business community in general.

‘Retail News,’ edited by Wellington based Mike Booker a journalist and communications expert, is the only resource of its type in New Zealand.

Retail Stories

As well as bringing news relating to the retail industry, ‘Retail News,’ is dedicated to telling stories of retailers in this country through its website (

As most Indian businesses are connected with the retail sector, the tie-up with ‘Retail News,’ would connect the community to a rich resource and enable businesses to share their successes and problems.

Mike Booker

When Mr Booker established ‘Retail News,’ last year, he was confident that it would be a success but was surprised at its rapid growth.

“Our focus is New Zealand’s retailers, who are part of the backbone of their communities, but are under incredible pressure from changing consumer habits, in particular online retailing. Many of these independent stores feel as though they are in a very uneven fight, however within the retail community there is a great deal of knowledge and inspiration that can be shared to even things up,” Mr Booker said.

“That’s what ‘Retail News’ is about, being a channel for these stories,” he said.

Great Opportunity

Mr Booker described the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards as ‘an excellent opportunity’ to find Indian retailing businesses with great stories and inspiration to share.

“Most award categories are open to retailers, but there is also a specific category for ‘Business Excellence in Retail Trade,” he said.

His journalism career included working for newspapers and news agencies in New Zealand, Australia and UK covering business and politics. His Public Relations career took him to a number of retail businesses and organisations.

It was then he spotted the unmet need for timely and topical retail news along the lines of sites in Australia, UK and US.

Mr Booker spent the first eight months running ‘Retail News’ on part-time basis as he tested the New Zealand market.

Hard audience

“Retailers are a hard audience because I think they are instinctively wary of something being sold to them – it’s an occupational hazard. But the amount of traction ‘Retail News’ is getting indicates that there is a great thirst for stories that keep retailers up to date and provide information that help them improve their businesses. And in the case of the independents, also show that they are not alone,” he said.

While ‘Retail News’ will promote our Awards Scheme through its website, Indian Newslink will highlight stories and other information in its print and web editions, in addition ( to highlighting them in the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards website (

Mahesh Ranchhod

Mahesh Ranchhod, Director of the Ranchhod Group, Sponsor of the ‘Business Excellence in Retail Trade’ Category believes that retailers are under threat and hence must become smarter to remain relevant and profitable.

They should also get more service-orientated and offer shoppers incentives to retain their interest. Trends are changing fast and consumer buying and selling behaviour impacts on retail success, he said.

Retail revolution

“We are in the middle of a retail revolution. Mobile devices such as phones and tablets are the game changers. It is therefore important to keep pace with the changing times and continue to compete with quality properties and services,” Mr Ranchhod said.

According to him, retailers must also develop strategies that extend beyond the online selling tool and put in place processes that drive meaningful connections between the brand and cthe onsumer.

“Social websites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have become major public platforms and as such those using these would help companies and those in property business to reach wider audiences. Those confined to traditional methods of retailing will lag and eventually fade away from the market,” he said.

Online marketing

Mr Ranchhod said that Online marketing accounts for about 5% of retail sales in New Zealand compared to 6% in Australia.

“Although small now, the growing versatility of handheld mobile sets and tablets will encourage innovative real estate marketing in the coming years,” he said.

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