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Auckland, February 2, 2017

Vipan (46 years old) was diagnosed with pre-diabetes in 2013.

Since then, his Hba1c has increased to 49.

This was a big wakeup call for him and he knew that he had to start making some lifestyle changes.

“From my own research, online, I learned more about the future picture of living with diabetes. This was scary. Blindness was something that scared me the most and also the thought of living on insulin for the rest of my life. I also wanted to live long enough to see my kids graduate and get married,” he said.

Sports Auckland Programme

Vipan mentioned that by attending the Sport Auckland delivered programme he learned more about the science behind diabetes, why he must eat a healthy, balanced diet, and the importance of exercise. Prior to joining the programme,

Vipan was having five to ix to 6 whole pizzas a week. He now makes his meals at home, including more vegetables, reducing his carbohydrate portions and increasing his protein intake.

“I learnt that I should have fewer calories to lose weight. If the net caloric balance is negative then you will lose weight,” he said.

Rising fitness level

Vipan was very sedentary and said he didn’t really understand the importance of exercise. He began walking and cycling for 45 minutes to start with.

After 12 weeks, he is now running for 30-40 minutes every day of the week.

His fitness levels have skyrocketed; he now has more energy throughout the day and is much happier!

Vipan said that he found the quantitative part (such the weekly measurements) very useful. “It’s like sitting a test, wondering if you will pass; If you fail, you just try harder.”

Sport Auckland’s Choose Change Healthy Lifestyle Co-ordinator Reishma Edward says “Vipan has lost 4.5 kg in weight and 8 cm off his waist. His Hba1c has also dropped from 49 to 43. His goal is to have an Hba1c of below 40 and to be 70kg. Vipan said “I feel like I know what to do now. If it doesn’t happen in the next few days, I know it will over time because I am on the right track.”

Reishma Edward (Reg Dietitian) – Sport Auckland Choose Change HLC


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