Running for business keeps youngster healthy

Call it sport in business or business in sports, a young New Zealander across the Tasman has shown leadership quality in both.

Brisbane based Preetesh Morar (also known as ‘Prestel), is keen to return to New Zealand, the country of his birth and education.

But prior to his move back home, he hopes to be a winner of the ‘International Entrepreneur X-Factor,’ a worldwide competition at which he is a finalist.

As this issue was with printers, Preetesh was anxiously awaiting the outcome, but believed that winning is only a part of the game.

Business Legacy

The young man has already impressed the business community in Queensland with the success of his Online Marketing business and hopes to make legacy at the global contest. The name of his new venture that he has entered is just that – ‘My Legado,’ meaning, ‘My Legacy,’ in Spanish language.

“People are sick of seeing athletes gain more coverage for their ‘off the field’ antics than their game. I have been inspired to try and change the face of professional sport for all parties involved, including athletes, businesses, sponsors and fans. My company is focused on teaching professional athletes how to build their legacy,” Preetesh said.

He told us that he became a businessperson when he was 10 years of age and that following the completion of his course in Marketing and Design at Otago University, he worked at a number of companies on both sides of the Tasman.

“I am now running ‘YZ Marketing,’ which specialises in online marketing and branding,” he said and claimed that he had found a way to combine two passions, namely, business and sport.

Marketing stars

“Many professional sports stars do not understand how to market themselves, and make the most of the exposure they gain. They have nothing at the end of their career, I could not think of a better legacy to leave behind than a generation of sports stars who know how to add value to their fans and sponsors and step up the responsibility of being a role model,” he said.

Preetesh said that Usain Bolt (of Jamaica), the world’s fastest sprinter, inspired him to establish ‘My Legado,’ to teach athletes the skills used by businesses to create a brand. He said that he also would like them to learn the use of online technology and social media to market themselves better.

Awaiting outcome

Preteesh is currently working with top athletes including hockey player Anna Flannigan and rower Emma McCarthy, apart from coaching the members of the professional soccer club Brisbane Roar.

The winner of the ‘International Entrepreneur X-Factor’ will be decided through a public voting system.

Direct link to voting page for Preetesh is

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