Satellite Company signs pact with Indian telecom provider

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Israel, December 16, 2018
Sky and Space Global Limited (SAS), a satellite company with European and Israeli centres of Aerospace, Satellite and Software Industry Experts, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Globe Teleservices (GTS), an Indian telecom services company to provide international services in the sector.
The MoU is reported to be a ‘Binding Reseller Agreement,’ to explore how GTS can become a key reseller of SAS Solutions.
A Press Release stated that the MoU followed successful meetings held at Africa.Com Conference two weeks ago.
Solutions to Equatorial areas
SAS Managing Director and Chief Executive Meir Moalem said that the Pact supports his Company’s rollout model of establishing a localised and international reseller network enabling efficient provision of SAS connectivity solutions to equatorial locations to become a leading player in the satellite communication market.
“We are happy to move forward with Globe Teleservices following our meetings in Africa last month. This Agreement further expands our commercial coverage for the Indian Peninsula and the surrounding region,” he said.
Mr Moalem said that the MoU validates the communication platform capabilities of SAS
and symbolises its ability to satisfy the needs of various types of organisations in remote areas.
Pro-Competitive Deal
GTS Founder and Managing Ashutosh Agrawal described the Agreement as a ‘pro-competitive transaction.’
“We look forward to delivering benefits to customers from the enriched product offerings and the expanded networks of the merged entity. The move would further strengthen the position of the company to give us a global recognition,” he said.
The Reseller MoU also stipulates GTS’s commitment to satisfy a minimum number of devices and services to be distributed by it.
About Sky and Space Global Ltd
An ASX Listed satellite company, the core business of SAS is to operate a communications infrastructure based on nanosatellite technology and develop highly sophisticated software systems that will deploy, maintain orbit control and handle the communication network in space to provide a global coverage.
The Company launched its first three nanosatellites, the ‘3 Diamonds’, into space in June 2017 and is preparing for the launch of a constellation of 200 more nanosatellites by 2020.
The Company’s vision is to provide affordable communication coverage and services to anyone, anywhere, anytime with relatively low maintenance costs.
This will enable it to deliver cost-effective communications infrastructure and services to those who need it most and to disrupt the telecommunications and international transport industries.
SAS owns 100% of Sky and Space Global (UK) Limited.
About Global Teleservices
GTS offers a comprehensive range of communication services, from wholesale data and voice to mobile video and VoIP, in Asia and Europe.
Apart from its growing network in India, GTS has offices in Hongkong, Dubai and Singapore, which will help SAS to leverage its products and services in these areas.

Meir Moalem  (Photo by Ilan Siman-Tov)

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