Self cannot come before People

Leighton Baker – 

Recent concerns over Police dogs being set on children are focusing on the wrong point.

It is neither the Police nor their dogs that are at fault.

The Police do want to set dogs on people or Taser them.

Each incident destroys a tree as they have to write endless reports to justify their decision- making. If the said victims, no matter what their ethnicity, were abiding by the law, then they would not be injured.

Could this possibly be a result of the disempowerment of parental authority?

Growing anarchy

Are we seeing a growing sense of anarchy as youth, in particular, say “Get stuffed, you cannot touch me!”

Liberty without responsibility equals anarchy, and as long as the liberal left preach their religion of “My Rights” without any regard to “My Responsibilities,” then we can expect an increase in anarchy and lawlessness.

Any civil society requires the individuals in it to acknowledge the good of the whole before their personal rights. New Zealand’s recent moves to put individual rights first is having the unavoidable result of individuals demanding what they want with no regard as to how that affects society.

Terrible offences

Stealing, vandalism, brawling, public drunkenness, legal highs and tax avoidance are all examples of people putting themselves first.

Any healthy relationship requires self-sacrifice and service, and this applies to healthy communities too.

Responsibilities and consideration of others before individual rights is definitely a Conservative value.

Leighton Baker is Leader of Conservative Party.

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