Seniors enjoy trip to New Plymouth

As a part of its efforts to promote the wellbeing of the senior members of the community, Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust organised a ‘pleasure trip’ for 72 elderly men and women to New Plymouth recently.

They enjoyed the hospitality of the Trust and Samaritans in Hamilton (where they visited the Gurdwara on the first phase of the two-day trip) and later the leaders of the Indian community in New Plymouth.

Said Trust Chairman Jeet Suchdev: “As well as sightseeing, the elders enjoyed good food and entertainment, promoting companionship and understanding. We were guests of the local Indian community,” he said.

The Indian Association President Samir Heble and his Executive Committee members were epitomes of hospitality, he said.

The elders visited Mt Taranaki, Pukekura Gardens, Brooklands Gardens Zoo and other places of interest.

While these programmes are conducted regularly, Mr Suchdev is currently engaged in promoting an Old Age Home for the Sub-Continent community, arguably the most ambitious of all projects undertaken in its 15-year history.

“Bhartiya Samaj is keen to develop an Old Age Home that corresponds to our culture, traditions and social and moral values. Such a Home should be safe, secure, clean and green, environment friendly and cater to the medical and other needs of the community,” he said.

As reported earlier, the Trust has been responsive to the growing needs of elders, senior citizens, women and children. Regular programmes are held for them throughout the year.

Mr Suchdev has also been a veritable source of solace and help for many victims of domestic violence and marital discord. Many of them have had a new start in life and career following his advice and assistance.

A Dream Project

“The Home of the Aged has been a ‘Dream Project’ for Bhartiya Samaj since long. We are keen to establish and implement it as a part of our service to the community. Hence we would like to have public input before commencing work,” he said.

Among the stated objective of the Project is to ‘consult, collaborate, initiate and support the process of brainstorming on the future of old age nurturing.’

Mr Suchdev has prepared a detailed Report, which he believes would be the basis for public consultation and official discussions. Far from being rhetoric, he believes that the time for action is now.

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