Shared knowledge exalts human mind

Ashok Kochhar – 

Sharing knowledge is a Bliss.

We are living in a world, which is so competitive that it has lost the values of sharing. This is the outcome of a contemporary society where we have developed a new syndrome, which can only be described as the ‘fear of the other.’

In a way, this fear enters deep sub conscience and forces us to keep our experience to self, thus losing various possibilities of inner growth.

Life’s Stages

I follow the old school of thought, which divided life into four stages, namely, ‘Brahamcharya,’ ‘Grahastha,’ ‘Vanaprastha’ and ‘Sanyastha.’

We all know the meaning of these four stages but seldom come across a person who follows them. I have tried to do so.

I am now in a state of ‘Vanaprastha,’ which our old scriptures describe as a stage in which you should share knowledge and experience with the community before you move to ‘Sanyastha,’ which is a state of self- contemplation.

Long Journey

On my journey of ‘500 days in New Zealand,’ I am trying to share as many opportunities as possible.

In 2016, I did more than twenty workshops and knowledge-sharing events, interacting with many artists from varied genres and created a platform where everyone wanted to share, learn and spread the knowledge.

After the grand success of first-ever ‘My World’ children initiative (the first in New Zealand), I created yet another New Zealand’s first ‘Photo Marathon’ for two weeks. This has six live demonstrations and interactive sessions spread over a fortnight.

During these sessions, more than 100 knowledge seekers are registered and all the proceeds have been donated to ‘Dementia Waikato,’ a charity for Alzheimer patients. Enthusiastic photographers learn, practice and most importantly, come together as a family, willing to share.

The pictures displayed here have been photographed by the participants. For more pictures, please visit

Ashok Kochhar is an international photographer, an author of several Coffee Table Books and organiser of exhibitions and training programmes. He is a passionate traveller, currently on a ‘500 Day Journey’ of New Zealand capturing people in their vicissitudes. Indian Newslink carries his immortal works in its Artlink pages. There is one such in this issue.

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