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Editor’s Note: Ronita Sharma has discussed the subject of body waxing in an earlier issue of Indian Newslink. In this edition, she writes about the benefits of Organic Waxing in deference to readers’ requests.

This week we going to talk about being hair-free, smooth and silky both for men and women.

Summer is here, let us be hair free with organic waxing. We source the best organic wax from Italy which is the best wax for your skin giving you smooth skin with no ingrown hairs.

Short of a visit to a gynaecologist or a doctor, nothing can prepare a woman for the level of intimacy involved in a Brazilian wax.

The good news is, each experience makes the pain a little less and the trust level a little greater. Finding a good esthetician is key, as the process is both torturous and insanely intimate, we need to choose the best to have the best experience of waxing rather getting put off the waxing.

I hear complaints every day, clients telling me went to a beauty therapist and waxing was unbearably painful or therapist took 45mins for Brazilian and never wanted to do waxing again so please see where you are going for waxing to look after your skin.

There is lots of wax in market but we have to know what is used on our skin not just choosing a cheap treatment and harm our skin.

Chemically treated and harsh wax can damage your skin which will sag your skin very easily.

Women can notice in anti-ageing time sagging skin near your eyes, mouth and cheeks happens with lots of waxing on the area and it reaps your skin off so you need to know what you using on your skin before you put anything on your skin.

We have to educate ourselves about any products before we use on our skin as the products are feeding food to your skin.

If I will give you some chemical to consume, “will you eat it”… you might say No I am not eating that as it is not good for me so how can we chuck so much chemical on our skin just listening to a sales person or going to the supermarket and picking something on specials which you even do not know is good skin food or not.

Organic Waxing just not gives you smooth and silky skin but it is very hygienic and good for your skin not harming your skin in anyway.

Benefits of Organic Waxing.

The health benefits of organic wax for the skin are almost too many to count. Obviously, one of the best benefits of using organic wax on the skin is the moisturizing and the softening not giving any ingrown hairs as we complain always for after wax broken hairs and scars. Unlike the artificial and often petroleum based chemicals added to many waxes and organic wax contains Vitamin A and provides long-term moisturizing, actually locking moisture into the skin. Unlike petroleum based parabens, organic wax remains biologically “active” even after it is processed with its all natural ingredients.

Lately we’ve been asked about the differences between hard and soft wax so we’d like to take a minute and list some of the benefits of our organic soy based soft wax. We feel it is simply the best wax for the Brazilian bikini area.

Organic soft s wax is formulated for sensitive skin, so it’s very gentle, best for Brazilian hair and for your face.

Soft wax is great for course stubborn hair and also gets all those little villus baby hairs, so you will not come for waxing every 3 to 4 weeks, waxing only needed after 6 to 8 weeks as hair growth goes slow.

Soft wax ensures that all hair is removed from the root, which means less ingrown hairs and softer regrowth

Soft wax exfoliates the top dead layer of skin, which helps to move new skin cells up to the surface.

Soft wax services can be done quickly, which means less time on the table and pain free.

We guarantee Brazilian wax done in 7 to 10mins first visit and from second visit only 5mins.

All other waxing maximum time we take is 15mins as we use the right wax and quick thorough waxing is painless. After waxing exfoliation of your skin after three days is very important and a lot of beauty therapist do not give after treatment home care to their clients that is why we having so much of bad waxing complaints and client’s get scared after having an unprofessional treatment done on them.

To have the best results and professional treatment you need to experience the best waxing so I will advise check the reviews first before you visit any beauty clinic for a treatment as we need to look after our skin and get best service delivered to us.

Our organic waxing services use all-natural wax for flawless results with no irritation.

Leaves skin less red and less irritated.

Acts as a barrier resulting in a less painful waxing with gentle effect.

Will not clog pores neither encourage the formation of blackheads nor aggravate acne

Helps prevent ingrown hairs.

When you touch your skin you will fall in love with your skin again and again and remove all your body’s unwanted hair and feel the confidence back wearing your Bikini back this summer with no ingrown hair or scars on your skin.

Come see us today if you need a consultation or any treatment done or for just professional advice

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