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The skin is the most beautiful thing we wear; keep it that way

New Zealanders, who have a passion for proper skincare will be happy to know a revolutionary product is now available at our clinic.

‘Green Peel,’ a new process developed by Dr Christine Schrammek of Germany, is reported to stimulate the human skin and keep it healthy and glowing.

Free of chemicals, ‘Green Peel’ is said to assure vitality and regeneration of the skin without harsh peeling effect.

I tell my clients, “You will have new skin in just five days, as this product peels all your dead skin away.”

‘Green Peel’ is a professional treatment method for optimising the structure of the skin. This process can be carried out only by specially trained doctors and cosmeticians.

‘Green Peel’ contains only plant-based active ingredient complexes. Its formula does not have any harmful chemicals or synthetic abrasives.

The original ‘Green Peel’ can be used on the face and some parts of the body.

Face it well

On the face, the peeling treatment serves to (a) prevent harmful effects (b) correct UV-related, premature skin aging (c) improve the skin structure and tone (d) help impure skin and mild acne (e) reduce scars from acne and injuries and (f) reduce hyperpigmentation

Good body cure

On the body, ‘Green Peel’ helps reduce stretch marks caused by pregnancy, weight gain as well as loss of elasticity. It offers effective solutions for healthy and natural skin fitness – as a spa treatment. There are individual concepts tailored to the needs of every skin type and for all age groups

The Treatment

As with every type of treatment, I would carry out a thorough skin analysis.

I will discuss the problems and challenges with clients on a person-to-person basis and ensure that the skin is well prepared for treatment.

Clients opting for ‘Green Peel’ treatment would receive application of the specially developed ingredient and a gentle message which may take up to ten minutes.

The result is a gentle peeling of the outer layer of the skin, thanks to the micro particles of the herbs (epiderm abrasion).

This increases the metabolism and the supply of oxygen and nutrients. The growth zone of the skin is stimulated to produce new cells.

I also caution my clients that in some cases, ‘Green Peel’ treatment can create a slight reddishness on some skins. Those with a sensitive skin may feel a light burning sensation. Depending on the individual treatment and type, the skin would begin to peel between three or four days after the treatment. This can vary from slight flakiness to clearly visible peeling.

Disclaimers: Ronita Sharma, Forever Shine & Beauty and Indian Newslink absolve themselves of any responsibility relating to the ingredients, methods and other matters relating to ‘Shine Forever with Ronita’ column. Some products may not be available at all places at all times and some products may cause allergies or other-side effects in some people. Caution must therefore be exercised before using all products, therapies or other methods suggested in the above column. Please consult Ronita Sharma, your General Practitioner, Nutritionist or any other authorised consultant.

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