Simple steps to stay safe this Diwali

Counties Manukau Police would like to wish Happy Diwali to the Indian community and encourage members of the public to stay vigilant, especially to burglars, during the festive period.

Police had noticed in previous years homes of South Asian families were unfortunately targeted by burglars during Diwali and other festive periods.

This may be because the families are more likely to be out and about, involved in festive events, or perhaps a belief by the burglars that these families store valuable items like jewellery in their homes.

Do not give burglars a reason to target your home this year and spoil Diwali for your family.

There are lots of things you can do to prevent your home being targeted.

These include

  • Storing cash, jewellery, spare keys and financial documents in a safe and secure place in an area of your home, which is not easily accessed.
  • Registering the serial numbers of valuable possessions online ( to ensure they can be traced in the event that they are ever stolen and recovered.
  • Installing an alarm system and sensor lights
  • Calling 111 if you see anyone suspiciously lurking around your home (burglars like to ‘case out’ a property before they actually commit a burglary)
  • Keeping your plants and hedges well trimmed so that burglars do not have a place to hide
  • Keeping doors and windows locked at all times while occupants are not present and keeping garage doors always closed, even if you are at home

If you are going away for a long period, get a neighbour or friend to regularly check your property, clear your letterbox and mow your lawns.

Police also encourage all members of the public to join or start up a local Neighbourhood Support Group. Please visit your local police station for more information.

Constable Gurpreet Arora is South Asian Liaison Officer at Counties Manukau Police.

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