Six injured in Christchurch explosion

Six injured in Christchurch explosion

RNZ Christchurch, July 19, 2019

Police at the Scene (Photo for RNZ by Simon Rogers)

A house is destroyed and people are injured in a huge explosion that was heard across Christchurch.

Footage on social media shows a house in ruins at Marble Court in the suburb of Northwood, with flames shooting up through the scattered wood, bricks and rubble.

Six people are being treated for moderate to critical injuries, St John ambulance said.

Photo on Facebook by James Looyer

Gas Systems off

All residents in Northwood are being asked to turn off their gas systems following the explosion.

Electricity will also be shut off in the area.

Emergency services were called to the scene just after 10 am.

Neighbour’s account

Harry Soper lives nearby and said he heard a loud bang and felt ground shaking.

“I thought it might have been an earthquake, then I heard a lot of sirens. There are a couple of ambulances and a couple of police cars; and two or three fire trucks further down,” he said.

People posted on social media about the explosion.

Christchurch Councillor Aaron Keown said that a welfare centre has been set up Styx Mill Country Club for anyone affected by the incident.

Police are assisting with evacuations and road closures.

Motorists are advised to follow diversions and avoid the area.

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