Soap captures trauma of remarriage

Indian television shows are known for their emotional drama, portraying the intricate relationships between members of the family and their quest for attention and wealth.

The increasing occurrence of remarriage in the Indian society has also become an important theme in some television serials.

Problems relating to readjustment to a new spouse, compounded by the relationships with in-laws are highlighted in soaps that attract millions of television viewers in India and abroad.

Zee TV is getting ready to commence a new serial called, ‘Punar Vivah’ (Remarriage) on prime time, hoping to capture viewers across the world through its network.

Vision Asia is the service provider of Zee TV and a number of other channels in Australia and New Zealand.

‘Punar Vivah’ will feature Kratika Sengar, who became popular as the sword-wielding Rani Laxmibhai in ‘Jhansi Ki Rani,’ a historical series that bespoke the heroism of one of the most popular queens in Indian history.

She plays the role of ‘Smriti,’ a simple girl from Bhopal (the capital of Madhya Pradesh), starring opposite Gurmeet Chaudhry, who gained popularity in films and on TV.

The producers have described ‘Punar Vivah’ as “a mature show that delves into the dynamics of re-marriage.”

“Having inspired millions of girls across the country with her impressive portrayal of India’s most revered female freedom fighter, Kratika went missing from the tube as ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’ drew to an exciting finish in June 2011. She would be back with a bang in the new series,” they said.

‘Punar Vivah’ portrays the new relationship of a couple who had gone through a failed marriage earlier and decide to offer themselves another opportunity to make a new relationship work.

“This serial will showcase the trials and tribulations that are a part of re-adjusting to a second life partner. What makes the re-marriage even more challenging is that the man and the woman are both parents to young children.”

Viewers would wonder whether the new relationship would work, offer excitement as before and bring happiness to the couple and their respective children.

Kratika was hopeful.

“I received immense appreciation for my role as Rani Laxmibai. After having essayed such a formidable historical figure, it would be interesting to play the role of a contemporary Indian woman, who is the mother of a young child and on the threshold of a re-marriage. The idea of giving life a second chance and attempting to find happiness all over again is what appealed to me the most,” she said.

Editor’s Note: Vision Asia subscribers would be informed of the details of the programming schedule of ‘Punar Vivah’ through the Company’s monthly Entertainment Guide. Those interested in subscribing to the network may call Vision Asia on 0508-933546 (New Zealand wide) or (09) 6210520 (Auckland residents). Website:

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