Soccer gets a kick as banker gains credit

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With the success of players like Roy Krishna, a Fijian Association Footballer, who is currently a striker for Wellington Phoenix in the A-League) it is reasonable to expect more Fijian players of Indian origin to make the senior grades of professional football in New Zealand.

Such an expectation is justified especially since the Indo-Fijian community is actively involved with football, led by talented players with tremendous potential.

It will truly be a deserving moment to see more stars coming through the senior grades.

Rising Star

For Web Edition-Soccer gets a kick- Shravan SharmaOne such rising star is Shravan Sharma, a spirited player who fills his day as a Senior Private Banker at ANZ in Auckland.

Born in the Fijian Capital of Suva, he migrated to New Zealand with his family (comprising his parents, an elder sister and a younger brother) in 2003.

He has found in ANZ a great institution that not only provides him challenging opportunities to pursue a progressive career but also inspiring encouragement to foster his interest in Soccer.

His role at the Mount Eden Village branch accords him avenues to meet customers many of who share his interest in the ever-popular game.

Impressive start

Beginning his senior playing career with Waitakere City FC, Shravan notched up an important goal in his Northern Premier League debut match.

His performance in the first season was a success, and hence it was no surprise that he was selected to play for Waitakere United in the ASB National Youth League Competition, known for its players with credits of participation in the elite sides in Europe.

The Selectors noted his role in the success of Waitakere United as the Runner-Up in the League (with Canterbury United declared winner 2-1).

More challenges

Following the successful season at Waitakere United, Shravan played for Birkenhead United, which provided an opportunity to compete in the annual U19s National Championship Tournament in Napier.

He was once again a part of the a team that finished second in a competition, this time losing to Lower Hutt City FC 1-0.

Youth League

Shravan earned another selection for Youth League campaign and signed with Three Kings United. His team emerged as the Winner, with the prestigious of ‘The Best U19’ in the country. This success led him to be a founder of ‘Auckland United FC’ for ASB National Youth League. The team finished third in the inaugural season but pulled off some good results during the year.

Last year, Shravan was selected for Manukau Sanatan, an ethnic soccer team based in Auckland, to represent New Zealand at the Sanatan World Cup in Sydney.

His team brought home the Trophy after beating Labasa in the Final.

Mangere United

Shravan now plays for Mangere United, a high profile team based in South Auckland.

Like all players on the rise as professionals, he awaits his time in sunshine.

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