Special Excellence in Export to India



ZIndia Limited

ZIndia is the only New Zealand based forest product exporter dedicated to the Indian market. Its shareholders own 5000 acres of sustainable plantations in New Zealand.

The company developed two new discharge ports for New Zealand Forestry products in India and is now launching the development of a world class Timber Industrial Park in India.

Judges’ comments

Starting with its first shipment in June 2004 from Picton Port, ZIndia has exported from nine ports in New Zealand to three ports in India. The company chartered over 80 ships during this period. In 2008, it shipped more than 50% of the total exports of the forestry products from New Zealand to India in that year.

Managing Director Jacob Mani Mannothra, who migrated to New Zealand from India in 1996, is one of the pioneers in developing the Indian market for New Zealand Forestry.

ZIndia’s strategy has been to create a direct link between owners of sustainable forestry plantations of New Zealand and end-users of pine logs and forestry products in India, while minimising transactional costs.

In order to remain a key player in log exports to India, ZIndia increased its plantation forests in New Zealand and expanded its infrastructure in India to facilitate more cost-effective processing of exports.

ZIndia is a great example of the hard work and determination needed to export to India for the long term, and the judges agreed that it is a worthy first recipient of the Special Excellence in Export to India Award.


Indian Deputy High Commissioner Sanjay Verma presents the Award to Jacob Mannothra, watched by New Zealand Career College Managing Director Feroz Ali

Jacob Mannothra responds to the Special Award

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