Special Sky Tower delight for Diwali

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Auckland, October 14, 2016

In celebration of the Auckland Diwali Festival, the Sky Tower will light in a vibrant display of pink, yellow and orange this weekend.

The Auckland Diwali Festival is one of the city’s most colourful cultural festivals, celebrating traditional and contemporary Indian culture.

On Saturday (October 15) and Sunday (October 16) night, the top of the Sky Tower will be dynamically lit in pink (Gulabi), orange (Aam Peda) and yellow (Surajmukhi), inspired by Resene’s colours of Diwali palette, devised with the Asia New Zealand Foundation.

The Sky Tower is the southern hemisphere’s tallest man-made structure based in the heart of Auckland, and is one of New Zealand’s most recognisable landmarks.

Sky City lights the Sky Tower for charities or community initiatives that we support financially, to mark national holidays, milestones or other celebrations or events, or as a symbol of respect or solidarity.

The lighting of the Sky Tower is best viewed, photographed or filmed 30 minutes after sunset.


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