Special Workshop for music enthusiasts

Venkat Raman – 

Music lovers keen to improve their singing ability will have a unique opportunity of attending a three-day workshop.

Auckland based Swar Sadhana Music Academy is conducting the Workshops on three consecutive Sundays- September 18, September 25 and October 2, 2016.

The venue is still being finalised but it would be in the Mt Roskill area and the Workshops will be held from 11 am to 3 pm on all the days.

Academy Director and Principal Sandhya Rao will conduct the Workshop with the guidance of Mayur Tendulkar and Vibha Trivedi, both qualified teachers and the support of established singers including Ritika Badakere, Mayuri Bhole, Ekta Kumar and Srishaa Iyer.

Understanding Music

“The Workshops are in effect an interactive course which provides for essential understanding of the musical notations, voice training and voice production technique and music notation and its practical relevance,” she said.

Workshop participants will be able to sing confidently, she added.

“The sessions are designed to provide an encouraging and enjoyable learning experience. On conclusion of the course, all participants will receive a valuable training guide, including a CD and booklet to continue practicing on their own. Seats will be limited to ensure personal attention,” Sandhya Badakere said.

The Academy is serious and systematic in imparting knowledge among students who show promise and passion for Hindustani classical music.

“Everyone begins at the entry level and progresses through tests and examinations. Piety and practice hold the key to individual success. It takes years of training, rehearsing and attention to finer details. Music is part of our tradition and is revered with fear and anxiety. Nothing is more important than its preservation, to be bequeathed to the next generation,” Ms Badakere said.

Valuable affiliation

She said that the Academy has affiliation with Sur Jhankar Academy based in Mumbai, enabling students to achieve qualifications up to Diploma level, recognised by the Maharashtra government.

“The Academy focuses on promoting Indian music, develop local talent and provide grooming programmes for students with exceptional talents. We are proud that a number of our students have become performers at local shows and at programmes in which international artistes participate. Among them are Guncha Singh, Ravi Shetty, Kanik Mongia, Srishaa Iyer and Ritika Badakere,” Ms Badakere said.

Further information about the Academy and the forthcoming Workshops can be obtained from Ms Badakere on (09) 6270009 or 022-1060913 or from Mr Tendulkar on 021-02256503.

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