Special Workshops promote skills development

New Zealand is fast gaining popularity with the Indian Subcontinent students opting to pursue their further studies abroad.

The trend is a combination of the world class facilities provided by New Zealand in a secure study environment along with expert teaching faculty and the positive feedback international students send out to their peers back home.

It must be noted however that the job market in New Zealand is very competitive for fresh graduates.

At New Zealand School of Education (NZSE), our Career Services team has responded to this challenge by developing a range of specific workshops to meet both student and industry requirements.

Tailored solutions

These tailored workshops focus not only on soft skills development, but integrate effective employment search strategies based on the student’s profile and ability.

Our ‘one-on-one’ sessions offer further guidance and support surrounding the student’s chosen career, creating value and a realistic expectation for the students to go out there and tackle the job market.

What students learn at school is just as important as who they get to know.

That’s why NZSE regularly invites industry partners as guest speakers to address students and give them information about the industry in which they are likely to work.

At these events, students have a chance to learn from industry professionals while gaining the opportunity to make valuable connections.​

Industry Partnerships

As a result of this, our Career Services team has built sound industry relationships that our students can benefit from. For example, we now have a dedicated pool of IT talent that is ready to meet the demand of our industry partners. Some of our students get selected for internships, an opportunity that allow them to put into practice the skills they have gained through their course while gaining industry exposure at the same time.

NZSE’s focus is to ensure that our students are not only workplace ready but also industry ready.

For further details please call us on (09) 8276100; Email: study@nzse.ac.nz

Rhodes Pilimon is careers Service Manager at New Zealand School of Education, Sponsor of the ‘Best Accountant of the Year’ Category of the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2014.

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