Specialist cargo gets specialist treatment

Shipping is the cornerstone of New Zealand’s economy and as an exporting nation, the country has a number of freight forwarders and shipping agents, who add value to the industry.

The foremost among these is Neptune Pacific Line, an organisation that has sailed international waters since its establishment (originally in the name of Neptune Shipping Line in 1997).

Named after King Neptune, the Roman God of Water and Sea, the company is a member of Roll International Corporation, whose companies include ‘Fiji Water,’ ‘Paramount Farms,’ ‘Teleflora,’ ‘POM Wonderful’ and ‘Suterra.’

Roll International acquired Neptune Shipping Line (NSL) in December 2007 and commenced trading as Neptune Pacific Line Pte.

The company provides containerised, over-dimensional cargo and bulk liner shipping services with dedicated teams in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, which are focused on delivering excellent customer service and outstanding schedule integrity.

“Through our service network and those of our strategic partners, we can connect you to your customers across the globe,” an official says.

Neptune Pacific is a ship owner and operator, active in liner, bulk and project markets in the Pacific.

The company’s connecting carrier and third party agency agreements enables it to provide liner services to and from a number of countries including in Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, Europe, South Africa, North America and Fiji.

Neptune Pacific specialises in the carriage of containerised cargoes and awkward over-dimensional freight, bulk cargoes including grains and liquid commodities in vessels fitted with tanks.

An extensive range of refrigerated containers are used to store and ship perishable cargoes, frozen meat and fish.

Onshore, the company’s agency team has a ‘can-do attitude’ and strives to ensure delivery of freight in good condition and on time at the lowest possible price.

In Fiji, Neptune Pacific provides third party agency services for CMA-CGM and ANL-US Lines.

It also owns and operates container parks in Suva and Lautoka.

Photo:Neptune Pacific Line sails international waters with a focus on the consumer

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