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Star entrepreneur keen- Sheetal Rana WebThe growing importance of Fiji as a viable and vibrant business destination has encouraged an increasing number of New Zealanders to explore existing and emerging opportunities in the South Island nation.

The country’s return to democracy with equal rights to all Fijians, incentives to promote foreign direct investment and commercial establishments, the government’s all-out efforts to promote the return of Fijians back home and most important of all, the need for better infrastructure are all factors that have begun to attract foreigners, especially New Zealanders and former Fiji citizens.

Youth initiatives

While many have reconnected with their homeland in recent years, a few younger members of the Fijian community here have shown initiative and enterprise by venturing into hitherto little known areas in Fiji.

Among them is Sheetal Rana, Director, Star Global Solutions which provides Call Centre, Tele-marketing, accounting and taxation and other business services in Fiji and New Zealand. The company is less than a year old (established in September 2015) but has already begun to attract clients on both sides of the Pacific.

Born and raised in a family of Fijian origin with simplicity, honesty and integrity as the motivating factors in life and business, Sheetal is a chip of the old block. A graduate in Computing Systems with 12 years of professional experience, she realised the need for connecting Fiji with New Zealand through an efficient networking system.

Overwhelming need

“It was while working with various multinational corporations that I recognised an overwhelming need for efficiency at the most basic level. This encouraged me to find a reliable and simple solution that could be applicable to multiple business models. Hence, I decided to establish ‘Star Global Solutions’ to provide a variety of services,” she said.

Based in Nadi, Fiji, the company specialises in outsourcing services, with a focus on administrative, customer service, and IT sectors. Working with businesses in Australia and New Zealand, it provides effective solutions in a number of areas.

“Our competitive rates make Star Solutions a cost-effective option for companies to rely on this market while boosting growth and opportunities in Fiji’s workforce. Our vision is to provide the best outsourcing services to international clients. It is clear enough to keep us focused and broad enough to make us adapt to each of our clients’ missions and values,” Sheetal said.

She believes that working in Fiji and New Zealand has given a positive mental attitude and practical experience of ground realities, business practices and market intelligence for successful delivery of services to clients in both countries. As a young entrepreneur, she brings freshness and new ideas into business. As a member of a highly successful and cultured family, she brings a high level of credibility and respectability to her business.

NZ-Fiji connection

Sheetal was among the few speakers at the ‘Fiji Indian Business Dinner’ organised by Indian Newslink and Radio Tarana on Monday, March 21, 2016 at Pullman Hotel in Auckland. She found that the initiative can become a ‘permanent platform’ for exchange of business information, experiences and joint exploration of commercial and other potential in Fiji.

“There are exciting developments occurring in Fiji and the government is encouraging the private sector to participate in the country’s economic and social progress. As person of Fijian origin, I am keen to work with businesses and investors to promote the best interests of Fiji,” she said.

As reported in our April 1, 2016 issue, New Zealand’s Trade Minister Todd McClay, who was the Chief Guest at the dinner, said that he and his government were working out strategies and plans for a more constructive and useful engagement with Fiji.

“I hope to visit Fiji soon and meet with the officials and businesses there,” he said.

Among the services provided by Star Global Solutions are Call Centre Services, Data Entry

Data Entry, Data Processing, Accounting Services including filing PAYE and GST returns, telemarketing, advertising and marketing.

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