Strategy good for economy

The Government’s draft Strategy for tertiary education for the next five years features a strong emphasis on the economy.

The Strategy focuses on in-demand skills, links with industry and the contribution of research-based institutions.

It is good to see tertiary education being more explicitly linked with employment.

The Government’s decision to complete its evaluation of funding rates for key disciplines and essential skills is sound.

It is also important to consider the requirement for more explicit engagement between education and business. Tertiary education organisations should actively engage with industry in planning and delivering courses and qualification.

Businesses must also engage more with the education sector.

Students need more and better information on the likely employment outcomes from study choices.

Overall, the Strategy’s focus on higher investment in disciplines where there is a competitive advantage, addressing changing skill needs and adapting more quickly to change will be welcomed by business.

Phil O’Reilly is Chief Executive of BusinessNZ based in Wellington.

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