Strong, coherent communities foster progress

When we commenced this column many years ago, we told ourselves that it would be reserved for those who have shown enterprise and enthusiasm, inspiring in the process their peers, teachers, superiors and members of the community in general.

We also set our vision in the direction of the younger members of the society, for, in featuring them, we could celebrate their achievements and promote their services to the society and to their state of origin.

We were therefore pleased when Ranee Prasad (a teacher at a local school) recommended that we write about Morisha Ali.

“She brings familiarity, dedication and commitment to improving public health in Counties Manukau. Morisha believes that happiness is being connected with people, and being able to give them care and love. This belief is reflected in her involvement in the community as a volunteer, mentor and a tutor,” she said.

Born in Suva, Morisha migrated to New Zealand with her family ten years ago. While Fiji is a beautiful country of beautiful people, the coups and the suffering that they brought to people were etched firmly in her young mind. These, with her proclivities towards science, personal values and experiences, encouraged her to seek qualifications in the medical profession.

Noble profession

Following her graduation about eight months ago, Morisha launched her career in the profession and is currently employed as a doctor at Middlemore Hospital.

She was happy that she was able to treat people but awaited a more interesting opportunity of serving the poor people in Fiji, at least for a short while.

“Such an opportunity presented itself last month (May) when I joined as a volunteer at the ‘Sai Fiji Medicare Camp’ (coordinated by Gastroenterologist Dr Dinesh Lal). The weeklong Camp provides free medical care in rural areas where there is little or no access to medical supplies. I helped in managing patients with common, general medical conditions. This ranged from treating uncontrolled chronic non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, to more acute conditions such as upper respiratory infections. Although I have been practising Western medicine at Middlemore for the past seven months, I also enjoyed the challenges of tropical medicine in Fiji,” she said.

She hopes to participate in next year’s medical camp as well.

Multiple activities

Treating patients is not the only aspect of Morisha’s life. She holds a certificate in Bharata Natyam and has learnt Western and Chinese forms of dancing.

Painting, Designing and Photography are among her other interests.

Morisha has had her talent tested in Swimming, Netball and Badminton, all of which make her a worthy candidate to be the Talent of the Fortnight.

“I find that personal satisfaction gained through working with a vast range of people from different backgrounds gives a greater purpose in life. I believe that caring and dedicated health professionals can build stronger, coherent communities,” she said.

Collective work

Morisha also believes that several voices can create a chorus, just as several hands can help in building communities and societies.

“It is difficult to make a big difference to the world by oneself and hence collective effort gains more significance. I wish to contribute to the society as a doctor with others in the medical profession,” she said.

Ms Prasad completed Morisha’s profile, saying that she has obtained two graduate degrees – Bachelor of Science (2009), Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (2013). She was a recipient of the Ko Awatea CMDHB Scholarship throughout her medical degree courses.

“Morisha enjoys the challenge, collegiality and enthusiasm at Middlemore, and feels that it is a privilege to contribute to the ongoing success of Counties Manukau and her community. An avid volunteer at Middlemore Foundation, she has assisted in events such as the Countdown Charity Golf, Funfest and Kids First Christmas Party.”

Young professionals like Morisha bring pride and joy to families, friends and of course her patients. She can be contacted through email:

Venkat Raman

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  1. Ranee

    So proud of you Morisha!!!! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Anon

    Congratulations Dr Morisha Ali! You are beautiful inside and out, very proud of you!

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