Students facing deportation to protest again

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Auckland, September 24, 2016

International Indian students facing deportation from New Zealand continue to fight for justice.

They are victims of unscrupulous India-based immigration agents who have used fake financial documents to get them into the country on student visas. These students had no idea that fake documents were used by their agents. Deporting them for something which they have not done is unfair.

The students held a peaceful protest on 3 Sep outside the offices of National Party list MP Dr Parmjeet Parmar. A petition by the name of ‘Justice for Indian Students in NZ’ will be delivered to the Minister of Immigration and the Prime Minister. There has also been support from the wider community through public meetings.

Earlier this week the issue was raised during question time in Parliament by the Labour Party, The Green Party and New Zealand First.

The Catholic Church in Aotearoa, The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, Dr Rodney Harrison QC, Secretary of Council of Trade Unions and other members of civil society have been requesting to see the Minister of Immigration on behalf of the students for over a week now. The Minister continues to ignore their request.

Despite such outcry from all quarters, NZ government has not made any efforts to deliver justice to the Indian students. Instead the NZ government continues to portray the Indian students facing deportation as criminals. The students’ future is in the hands of the New Zealand government.

To further the cause of delivering justice for the Indian students facing deportation, a protest has been organised for 630 pm on Monday, September 26, 2016 outside Lynfield Community Church, 35 The Avenue, Lynfield, Auckland.


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