Study confirms multiple benefits of Yoga

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Rajen Zed

Nevada, USA

Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM) at the University of Pennsylvania study finds “twice-weekly yoga led to better physical, sexual, emotional, and social health.”

Men who attended a structured yoga class twice a week during prostate cancer radiation treatment reported less fatigue and better sexual and urinary function than those who did not, according to a clinical trial led by PSOM, according to a press release.

Extensive sessions

Each session was of 75 minutes’ duration, beginning with five minutes of breathing and centering techniques and ending with five minutes of Savasana, a common yoga position. Typical sessions incorporated sitting, standing, and reclining positions that were modified using props to adapt to each patient’s needs and restrictions.

Dr Neha Vapiwala was the principal investigator in the study, which was partially funded by American Cancer Society.

Positive direction

This clinical trial looking into the effect of ‘Yoga on the side-effects and quality of life issues caused by prostate cancer treatment’ is a step in the positive direction.

Yoga, referred as ‘a living fossil,’ was a mental and physical discipline for everybody to share and benefit, and its traces go back to around 2000 BCE to Indus Valley Civilisation.

Yoga, although introduced and nourished by Hinduism, was a world heritage and liberation powerhouse to be utilised by all.

According to Patanjali who codified it in Yoga Sutra, Yoga was a methodical effort to attain perfection, through the control of the different elements of human nature, physical and psychical.

Holistic Wellness

According to US National Institutes of Health, yoga may help one to feel more relaxed, be more flexible, improve posture, breathe deeply, and get rid of stress. According to ‘Yoga in America Study 2016,’ about 37 million Americans, including many celebrities, now practice Yoga.

Yoga is strongly correlated with having a positive self-image.

It was the repository of something basic in the human soul and psyche.

Founded in 1765, PSOM in Philadelphia claims to have been ranked among the top five medical schools in the United States.

Rajen Zed is President of the Universal Society of Hinduism based in Nevada, USA.


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