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Pacifica Barber

Hairdressing has come a long way from its mundane and matter-of-fact job.

It is today a thriving profession, with stylists commanding a large customer base.

If looking trendy or well-groomed is the objective of every man, the Pacifica Barber is just the place for you.

The desire to appear good and well groomed is part of a person’s mental make-up.

Even the most indifferent man or woman cannot resist the temptation of looking into the mirror at the slightest opportunity.

Hair care comes as a part of a personality and clean and good appearance.

Growing clients

Which is why, hair stylists are in demand.

Which is why Pacifica Barber is adored by a growing number of clients- be they All Blacks, the Warriors, soccer players, celebrities, the Pacific island community and ordinary people.

Says Maiud Din, who owns the enterprise: “From straight cuts, razor cuts and business cuts to crew cuts, every person wants to cut fine with his or her hair. We specialise in making people look good through the most appropriate style.”

With almost 40 years of experience in this business, more than 35 years of which were in his native Fiji, Mr Din knows what it takes to please people.

His son Dean, who manages the Manurewa shop, is a chip of the old block.

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