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Former skinhead, National Front Leader and Christchurch Mayoral candidate Kyle Chapman was at it again last week, this time, creating a furore in South Auckland with his so-called, ‘Stop the Asian Invasion.’

His supporters reportedly dropped ‘hate pamphlets’ into some letter boxes in parts of the City.

The man, who wanted ‘European-only ‘Mini State’ three years ago, tried to stir up a hornets’ nest by recruiting supporters to his extreme Right Wing Resistance Group. He has planned a mass protest before the Election on November 26.

Labour MP Dr Rajen Prasad, who was previously Race Relations Conciliator and Chief Families Commissioner, said Chapman’s actions were despicable.

“I dealt with a number of similar attempts by the National Front when I was Race Relations Conciliator and here he is again effectively painting the Asian and migrant communities as unwanted in New Zealand.

“Asian and migrant communities make a solid and positive economic, social and cultural contribution to New Zealand,” he said.

According to Dr Prasad, many members of the Asian community as well as other migrants will be seriously concerned about such statements that can only be taken as racist. When he judges a group of people by their race or ethnic background negatively, he is effectively being racist.

“While the right to free speech saves the Right Wing Resistance Group from prosecution, their brand of nationalism must be criticised by every fair-thinking New Zealander. Asian New Zealanders as well as other migrant groups have nothing to apologise. They are highly valued New Zealanders and their contributions benefit society as a whole,” he said.

As he rightly pointed out, New Zealand has a passport to new trade, cultural and social relations with the countries of origin of our Asian and other migrants.

“New Zealand’s Free Trade Agreement with China would not have been possible without a sizable Asian presence in New Zealand. The same will be true when the FTA with India is signed in due course,” Mr Prasad said.

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