Sunil Kaushal chairs Ethnic People Advisory Panel

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Auckland, July 31, 2017

India Trade Alliance General Secretary and Waitakere Indian Association Vice-President Sunil Kaushal has been elected Chairman of the Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel.

Jade Tang-Taylor has been elected to the post of Deputy Chair of the Panel.

Among the other Members of the Panel are Anita Keestra, Anukool Sathu, Bill Guan, Dave Tomu, Jessica Phuang, Ljubica Mamula-Seadon, Naoe Hashimoto, Councillor Denise Lee (Liaison Councillor) and Councillor Cathay Casey (Chief Liaison Councillor).

Twelve Aucklanders have been elected to the position of Chair and Deputy Chair or co-chairs of their respective demographic advisory panels.

Strategic Advice

The advisory panels provide strategic advice and diverse perspectives to the council on regional policies, plans and strategies and matters of interest to their respective communities.

The role of the advisory panel chair includes being the panel’s spokesperson, presenting the panel’s recommendations to the relevant committees and ensuring the opportunity for all panel members to have their perspectives and opinions heard.

Each panel has between eight and 11 members with 21 members for the Youth Advisory Panel. Between June and July 2017, the advisory panels elected members to the positions of chair and deputy chair.

Important stage

Ms Casey said described the appointment of Chair and Deputy Chair as one of the most

important stages for the advisory panels, as well as being one of the earliest.

“After the success of the previous advisory panels, it is exciting to have new people and new perspectives for the upcoming term. We are confident that their views and experiences will continue to benefit Auckland Council and the Governing Body,” she said.

Other Panels

Among the other Panel Chiefs are as follows:

Disability Advisory Panel: Philip Patston, Chair; Dan Buckingham, Deputy Chair

Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel: Leaupepe Taala Ralph Elika, Chair; Caroline Harris, Deputy Chair

Rainbow Communities Advisory Panel: Jules Radford-Poupard, Co-Chair; John Kingi, Co-Chair

Seniors Advisory Panel: Janet Clews, Chair; David Wong Hop, Deputy Chair

Youth Advisory Panel: Veisinia Maka, Chair; Damian Piilua, Deputy Chair

“The Advisory Panels will work to the end of the current term of the council in 2019. The work programme will include at least one community forum per year to facilitate direct engagement between the council and their respective communities,” Ms Casey said.

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Sunil Kaushal

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