Sunny Kaushal for Pakuranga

Labour will field hospitality expert Sunny Kaushal as its candidate at the Pakuranga Constituency in East Auckland.

He would be the first candidate of Indian origin to contest from an Electorate, representing the Labour Party.

Party President Moira Coatsworth said Mr Kaushal would make valuable contribution to Labour’s plans for bolstering the economy.

“His skills and business experience in the international tourism and hospitality industry and as an exporter will be valuable,” she said.

Ms Coatsworth said Labour was committed to ensuring that its candidates were representative of the diverse cultures in New Zealand. With his multilingual and cosmopolitan background, Mr Kaushal will be the right candidate,” she said.

Mr Kaushal said he was excited to contest in Pakuranga.

“This would give me an opportunity to promote and advance Labour Party policies among the people, as they are designed to ease the financial burden of ordinary New Zealanders and foster economic growth.

“Our Party has pragmatic policies and programmes that will appeal to the average New Zealander,” he said.

As we went to press, Labour was finalising its major policy announcement, which it said, would include “a bold plan to grow the economy, pay back debt and retain the state-owned assets.”

Mr Kaushal said his Party, if elected to govern, will give a tax switch to provide more money to ordinary New Zealanders.

“We will be taking our policies to the country in the next few months to turnaround the failing economy, reduce debt, unleash the potential of our young people by giving them the skills they need to contribute to drive the innovative potential of our economy. We will own our own future and not sell it off to the highest foreign bidder,” he said.

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